Co-branding between designer and sportswear

Co-branding between designer and sportswear

The co-branding is a new phenomenon that democratizes luxury brands. In the sportswear industry, it can be risky for the luxury brand because it can be seen as having a potentially negative impact of the exclusivity of the brand.


A famous sportswear/designer collaboration is Stella McCarney for Adidas. The alliance with the designer has allowed the brand to reduce the image problem it has with sporty women.

More recently, Pedro Lourenço, young Brazilian designer has been chose by Nike to imagine a women’s collection pieces combining high-performance sport and ready-to-wear.

Collaborations with fashion designers allow sports brands to attract female customers. Women are looking for elegance and fashion in their sportswear. Collaborations encourage women to buy from one season to another to follow the trend. In addition, working with a fashion designer allows sport brand to strengthen its brand identity and to inspire consumers to buy more than a sports clothe, but a lifestyle.


However, it is also a benefit for designers because sport brands are often mass market and it allows them to be known to a wider public.

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