Christmas and Luxury Advertising

Christmas and Luxury Advertising

During the season of Santa Close and Yule log, every luxury brands are there to remind us to buy something special and please our family. We embark on the magic universe of the luxury brand with short films and other special operations, which plunge us into the delight of fairy, that we all love.

So, between limited editions, event websites, and quiz, brands double efforts to make us dream and make us live the magic of Christmas.

Cartier is really strong to make us dream, they always make movies for the end of the year with the “Winter Tale saga”. For example, in 2017 Cartier called the famous draftsman and the director of the cartoon movie of “A Monster to Paris” Bibo Bergeron.

In a Parisian atmosphere of the 20s, we follow a baby panther, historic emblem of the brand assisting bellboys of legendary house of the Place Vendome, putting down prestigious jewels at the foot of the fir trees of their Parisian customers.


Another example, Hermes made a Digital calendar “Danse avec les boites”in 2017.

Hermes has chosen here the humor and the childish carefreeness and personifies an icon so representative of the brand and the mythical orange box. It declined, livened up, adapted every day of the month, and always corresponds to a proposal of presents to be offered on Christmas evening.



Alice Gobert

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