Christian Louboutin and his red sole

Christian Louboutin and his red sole

christian louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a fashion designer who was born in France in 1963 and who has developed an international following for his distinctive red-soled footwear.

Christian louboutin red soleIn 1992, he incorporated the red sole into the design of his shoes by seeing his assistant putting herself red nailpolish. This was such a success that it became a permanent fixture.

As the camber of the heels, the red sole represents an important recognition sign of the brand.

In effect, according to the fashion domain, Louboutin shoes had a profound influence because of the red sole. It has become synonymous with luxury and celebrity.

One of the most reputed journals on shoe wears “Footwear News” stated that the brand’s signature red sole was a “subtle status symbol” and caught the fascination of many celebrities across the globe, even beating the luxury brands.

To protect it, in 2007, Christian Louboutin went on to the extent of trademark its signature “red soles” in order to avoid imitation by competitors.

The red soles have finally become a status symbol that masquerade as a simple design detail.

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