Christian Dior and his love for flowers

Christian Dior and his love for flowers

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“After women, flowers are the most divine creations.” Christian Dior

     Christian Dior who is a fashion designer but also a perfumer has one passion: flowers and gardens, and that since his youngest age. The gardens occupy a very important place in his life.

        Indeed, he spent his childhood in his family property in Granville, on the Norman coast in France. Flowers and more particularly the rose and the jasmine became then a source of inspiration for the fragrances of the House.

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     Christian Dior Perfumes is just about an history of flowers that Christian Dior loved and that continue to inspire François Demachy, currently perfumer-creator of the House.

     Christian Dior’s love of flowers naturally led to the creation of numerous fragrances with a floral heart. This proliferation of flowers has become characteristic of Dior perfumes.

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