Christian Dior

Christian Dior

On February 12, 1947 Christian Dior presented his first haute couture collection. Rounded shapes, sizes as fragile and skirts to prodigal width. This line appeared in the aftermath of the provocative but also refreshing war.

 “It’s a revolution” or “Your dresses have such a new look” said the reporters.

Thus from its line Corolle, appeared the new look.
Christian Dior became the inescapable king of Haute Couture from one day to the next.
The timid Frenchman was moved to tears by so much disdain.
Carmel Show Electra, editor of Harper Bazar, declared: “Christian Dior saved Paris, as Paris was saved during the Battle of the Marne”.

Indeed, haute couture flourished again overnight thanks to Christian Dior.
In 1949, Christian Dior alone accounted for 75% of all French fashion exports.

Her second autumn-winter collection offered dresses whose skirts made up to 40 masters of circumference, she was equally applauded. But Christian Dior also received great criticism. The hardest was that of Coco Chanel: “Dior? He does not see women, he capitalises them. ”

Indeed, the “new look” of Christian Dior is the biggest misunderstanding of the history of fashion. What was there again in putting women on their thirty-one?
The new look was a counter-revolution that brought women back to the Belle Epoque. The wish of Christian Dior was to revive “the great luxury” in French fashion. And that was precisely the secret of his success.
Christian Dior, was also a marketing genius. He introduced a totally innovative way of presenting haute couture shows that had nothing to do with the quiet, laid-back shows of the pre-war years.
The models of Christian Dior appeared theatrically and appeared majestic before the spectators. His parades could last two hours without being bored for a single moment.

He was the first great designer who, from one collection to another, radically altered the length of the hems, and even the line as a whole. Since he was making his fashion quickly outdated, he was on the front page of the newspapers and boosted sales.
“Behind many couturiers hides an elegant and inaccessible mother – Christian Dior is no exception. ”


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