The changing face of the fashion PR

The changing face of the fashion PR

Nowadays, everybody could be a public content generator and almost suddenly be followed by millions of people with a viral buzz. Some of them start to be influencer, means that they can influence the public behavior and make some brands partnerships. From that we can easily notice than a new type of PR people has born in these past years which we can call PR 2.0.

They use different langage, tools, profile and channel to manage the relation with their influencers, their new media partner. On the opposite of traditional PR, using corporate communication to target the traditional media as the press, the TV or the radio.

Many reports showed that young people now look at these media always connected with their smartphones in their hands and/or their computer near them. 83,6 % of them do other activities while they look at the TV, means their attention is not really anymore on that channel so if you want to interact with them, you should also think about social media content, having a e-shop or a website to create positive link with them.


Antonin Dansicare 


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