Chanel – The Little Black Dress

Chanel – The Little Black Dress

Chanel is considered as one of the most recognizable fashion brands in today’s luxury universe. With its qualitative and outstanding image, especially women’s couture is seen as timeless and classic symbol of class and standard, which many women dream of owning.
The most popular products constantly run out of stock, among those: The little black dress. Not only for the Chanel brand itself, but also for various other fashion and non-fashion brands the dress is an iconic piece every woman should have in their wardrobe.


It all started in 1926 when Coco Chanel introduced a little black short dress that reflected an essential piece to show simplicity but elegance at the same time. Back in the 30s, the short black dress was seen as a special kind of “uniform” for all women of taste.


More than 80 years after Chanel’s introduction the little black dress maintains its popularity as it makes every woman feel beautiful and glamorous and is certainly here to stay.


Sarah Hambammer


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