Chanel & Paraffection

Chanel & Paraffection

00-paraffection-atelier-desrues_2In 1997, Chanel created its affiliate Paraffection, intended to preserve the exceptional art workshops redeemed by the House of the Rue Cambon over the years. This subsidiary company established to preserve and promote the heritage of this different fashion artisan workshops.

We can find there among others:

the plumassier Lemarié, the parurier Guillet, the embroiderer Lesage, the bootmaker Massaro, the parurier Desrues, the hatter Maison Michel, the glover Causse, and the goldsmith Goossens.

The Chanel House decided to support them by allowing them to ensure the perpetuation of their know-how through time, making even more legitimate its image of temple of the refinement. By realized it, The Chanel House helps the survival of the Haute Couture and the French Exception.

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Claire Carrara