Chanel jewelry house

Chanel jewelry house


“Costume jewelry is not made to give women an aura of wealth,

but to make them beautiful”…


The House of Chanel remains one of the most prestigious and notable Couture designers in the world that deserves special recognition. Chanel’s own lifestyle inspired and showed her ideas of how modern stylish women everywhere should look, dress and act.




With the help of friendship with the millionaire entrepreneur and polo player Arthur Cape, who provided key financial assistance and social connections over the course of her career, Madam Coco Chanel opened her first shop in Paris in 1913. And in less than 20 years she begins to move her business into accessories and becomes the first designer to make costume jewellery fashionable. Chanel honestly believed the role of jewelry was to decorate an ensemble rather than to flaunt wealth. Her oversized fake pearls, worn in multiple strands, were an instant success. In 1926 Chanel created a vogue for mismatched earrings by wearing a black pearl in one ear and a white one in the other. In 1928 she introduced diamond paste jewelry and in 1929 offered “gypsy” necklaces-triple strands of red, green, and yellow beads, as well as colored beads combined with chunky wooden chains.




In 2016 the jewelry created by the House of Chanel, including the “Constellation” and “Comets” creations as well as the colorful pieces designed by Verdura, are as desirable as they were in the 1930’s. And it is the best proof that it has no equal.





Ivlieva Margaryta


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