Chanel Jewelry: History of the collection « Bijoux de diamants »

Chanel Jewelry: History of the collection « Bijoux de diamants »


Chanel Jewelry creations are inspired by the boldness expressed on the first collection of Mademoiselle Chanel jewelry in 1932, and strong themes that symbolize the brand.

Mademoiselle had the gift changing everything she touched into something wonderful, and once again when she decided to create Jewelry in 1932 it was the case. The 6th of November, 1932, she presented her unique collection « Bijoux de diamants » at the 29, Faubourg Saint Honoré: not in her boutique but at home.

She said she wanted « cover women of constellations » and that is why she inspired all the collection of stars. With her new collection that is not already the stone which decide as before, but like in Couture that are the line and the drawing.

For her unique jewelry collection, she choose symbolically five themes of the diamond collection, five as her number: the quintessence of her style. It was the first and unique fine jewelry collection of Gabrielle Chanel, which set the tone forever: creation rather than ostentation, lightness rather than overload.




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