Chanel: betting on content marketing

Chanel: betting on content marketing

Great icons of haute couture and jewelry create impressive films and interactive platforms to publicize their trajectory, consolidate their brand identity and connect with their followers.

Since 2013, Chanel launched her online project Inside Chanel, a nine-page web series that tells the story of Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel, the influence her life had on her style for fashion, the most important moments of her career and its sources of inspiration. The series is also a trip to the present, where Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel, makes an X-ray of the designer’s legacy that shows the symbolic load of the brand’s designs.

Chanel’s proposal uses images and archival audio recordings to capture the story of Mademoiselle, as many called her. The first chapters highlight among other things the birth and creation of Chanel No. 5, until today the best-selling perfume in history, defined by Coco as “A woman’s perfume with the smell of a woman”, as well as the way in which this perfume became a legend thanks to a phrase by Marilyn Monroe in which she stated that only ‘a few drops of No. 5’ was worn to sleep. The famous tweed jacket, which still reigns today in the closet of many women and is one of the symbols Most representative of the brand is also the protagonist of one of the clips.

The last chapters give the viewer a retrospective idea of what the life of the designer was like and how each experience marked her way of seeing fashion, style and femininity. Lagerfeld states in one of the videos that “When you buy a Chanel product, you buy an idea, more or less unconscious, depending on the knowledge you have of this story. Chanel’s style is an idea, but an idea recorded in a kind of universal memory and that is something extraordinary. It is a legend that is seen. It is a cosmopolitan phenomenon. It’s globalization before globalization, and that’s how genius is born. ”

The brand adds value to its name through the background of its designs, detonate the voice to voice and motivate the conversation in social networks. In this case Facebook has become an ideal channel to share not only the video clips, but also images, curious data and archival information about the history of the brand, the life and vision of Coco Chanel.