Chanel at l’Opera de Paris

Chanel at l’Opera de Paris

Chanel sponsored the Opening Gala night of the Opera de Paris’ new dance season. Many big names appeared at the Gala like Keira Knightley, Kate Moran and Anne Berest and of course they wore Chanel. Sponsoring this event was not without a reason. Gabrielle Chanel herself used to have a great bond with the world of dance and even took dance lessons herself. ‘There is no wonder that fashion and dance go hand in hand, and that revolution of merging the two art forms together came from none other than Mademoiselle Chanel’ (J. Bradshaw, 2018)

Karl Lagerfeld, the artistic director of Chanel right now, still tries to honour the links between Chanel and dance. He made the costumes for the dancers as a tribute to the inspiration Gabrielle got from the dance world back in her day. The dance performances of the Gala included performances by for example the Ballet Corps and by the ballet DECADENCE.

Written by Rémy

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