Chanel and feminism

Chanel and feminism

When it comes to Chanel, the words that for example, elegance and gracefulness may come to your mind. But actually, there is also a word closely linked and be inseparable with Chanel, that is ‘feminism.” Coco Chanel’s progress of life crossed the first-wave and the second-wave feminism. She is a strong-minded woman, attaching great importance on her own business.


In her business, she made a clothes revolution of female that “liberate” women from the constraints of the corset and popularized sporty, designing and creating several more comfortable clothes like little dress and suit for women. Her personality and spirit made her become a model of women in 20th century. Coco Chanel is not only an excellent example in her time, the most important thing is that she made a long-lasting and timeless influence on luxury and fashion, and the feminist movement.





                          Wang Yi Chen

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