Champagne: Piper-Heidsieck collaborates with jeweler Mellerio

Champagne: Piper-Heidsieck collaborates with jeweler Mellerio

An exceptional cuvee, box out of the ordinary. On the occasion of the release of the vintage of 1997 of its prestigious vintage, Rare Champagne, the house of Reims presents this Monday, October 1st 2018 the fruit of its collaboration with the jeweler Mellerio.

For the release of the last vintage of its most prestigious champagne, labeled “Rare Champagne”, the house Piper-Heidsieck has worked alongside the oldest jeweler in the world, to offer him a case to the extent of its brilliance. After 21 years in the cellar, the nectar called “Rare The Secret High Jewelery” unveils its first magnums, which were decorated in tribute to Marie Antoinette.

Already dressing the Queen of France at the time, Mellerio has resurrected the taste of his famous client for precious stones with a creation consisting of an interlacing of ribbons paved with five hundred diamonds, weighing 4.17 carats. The work is completed by the insertion of a stone such as a sapphire, a ruby ​​or an emerald, different on each magnum. The prestige is recognizable up to the muselet plate that has been fashioned in solid 24 carat gold. Only a few copies of this unique champagne have been produced, and the house communicates the price only on request. The bottle is hidden in a box in the shape of a black lacquered monolith, a game of mirrors plays with the light inside.

The line designed by Mellerio includes a second box highlighting the brilliance of the gold color, both on the bottle and within the box. A quota of only a thousand copies has been produced. Count 1.000 euros the magnum.
Neila Bendib