Celine World

Celine World

The maison Celine universe is a very spiritual journey.  It is a French luxury house of ready-to-wear and leather goods. The spirit is combine of spiritual contemporary and very modern calm style.

The brand belongs to the LVMH group. For the LVMH it is very important to keep the identity of the brand very independent personality. In 2013 the conglomerate made a special statement in its financial report about Celine. This was a very good year of performance and brand development.

Celine is a very French fashion house and very chic. During 64 years of history was the emblematic brand. The women wearing Celine were becoming trendsetter. They were and now represent very modern universe.

Obviously it is hard to not mention the great heritage of leather goods, where bags like iconic Luggage, Trapeze and Cabas, became must have in every modern women’s wardrobe.



1945 – Celine was founded by Celine Vapiana. – Collection of the children shoes.
1959 – Women’s shoes introduction.
1966- Celine launches their first bag collection.
1967 – First collection of sport clothes.

1996 – Celine is owned by LVMH group.
1997 – Micheal Kors take a lead in Celine as the chief designer.
2005 – Roberto Menichetti becomes the head designer for one year.
2006 – Ivana Omazic has a title of lead designer.

2008 – PHOEBO PHILO Takes is pronounced as the artistic director.



If Celine was a person, obviously she would be a woman. She would represent very elegant and mature way of living. The Celine universe is about Paris, French touch. Celine creates something new, which is meant to last forever.

They are specialized in 4 different sectors, which are:

  • Ladies ready-to-wear
  • Leather goods, handbags, wallets
  • Shoes
  • Accessories, including costume jewelry and sunglasses


  • pure
  • no logo
  • iconic handbags
  • simplicity





Elegant, Minimalist, Chic

  1. 25 years old lady, living in the big city and having a well paid job. Pretty sure she is single and she has specific scent of fashion. She like discover herself and be a aware of what she is comfortable with. She makes shopping on Net-A-Porter.
  2. 45 years old women, living in the big city. She is possibly happy working mother. She is fashion eclectic, but she has increasing confidence in her personality. She has a very healthy life style.


She takes inspirations from the personal life. She doesn’t give a lot of interviews. She likes to create things which are wearable. She understand the roots of the Celine brand, which was leather goods and try to expose it in the ready to wear collections. She is very integral with the brand.

She is obviously  very modern. When you look at her collection, you are sure to not find the same models in the same period of time in other fashion houses.

She brought Celine to the status, were people desire it a lot. In ’50 the german soccer player was in love with this brand. Now the clientele is also very aware of the fashion and how they want to dress with Celine.

tPhoebe Philo



Resuming the brand is very spiritual and can reach very broad range of clients.



Olga Oplotna

Olga Oplotna

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