Vins et spiritueux

The connected Champagne bottle.

During the Grand Prix of Monaco, Mark Ronson, English DJ and Producer, boast a new kind of champagne bottle from G.H.Mumm: a connected bottle. Even if the taste of this well known champagne hasn’t changed at all, this innovative bottle is unique: supplied with a RFID chip and a localisation captor. That equipment allows the [...]

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A luxurious Scotch experience

Whisky comes under many names and from many places around the world, but only a lucky few deserve to be called luxurious and truly Scotch.   Greywalls Hotel The hotel offers a whisky room that stores more than 50 rare malts. Greywalls also offers a unique Whisky Menu which allows guests (who pre-book) to have [...]

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Les 10 marques de champagnes les plus chères

Qui n’a jamais souhaité s’offrir ou offrir l’une des marques de Champagne les plus chères, même sans une occasion particulière, juste pour se faire plaisir ? Parce que dans les esprits « plus chère est égal à meilleur ». Sélection des 10 marques de champagnes les plus chères Goût de diamants à 1,8 millions d’euros la bouteille. Crée [...]

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Bernard Arnault : zoom sur la vie de l’homme le plus riche de France.

La Famille la plus riche de France Dynastie adulée ou jalousée, réussite sociale méritocratique ou constat simple d’un succès, la famille Arnault est aujourd’hui la première richesse de France. Son pionnier, sans qui le premier groupe mondial du luxe ne serait peut-être pas français, n’est autre que Bernard Arnault. A la tête du groupe LVMH [...]

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Berlin, the new gastronomic capital

Pierre Gagnaire elected the best chief worldwide by the « chef » review settle to Berlin, which knows a boom these last years, Elected gastronomic capital in 2014, the kitchen is constantly developped. So this is in the « les Solistes » restaurant of the Waldorf Astoria hotel that the chief has choosen. In a capital where the clientele [...]

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What you can do with Champagne.

The perfect matches Champagne is the perfect match with seafood. Scallops, Norwegian lobsters, oysters, but also white fish, truffles, poultries and strawberries. You can really do anything from the starters to the desserts. The advantages Champagne is perfect to deglaze, the effervescence brings some lightness to the sauce. It doesn’t tan the sauce when cooking [...]

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The Hidden Parisian Bar

Moonshiner is a lovely Cocktail bar located in the Bastille area of Paris. It is a bar I heard of through a waitress at an Italian restaurant. This bar is something you would definitely not expect, but it is one of the best places for a good cocktail in Paris.   Moonshiner is located in [...]

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Moet et Chandon, créateurs de modes de célébration

  Nous connaissons et utilisons tous différents rites de célébration autour du champagne :les mythiques pyramides de coupes de champagnes, les baptêmes de navires, ou même le sabrage d'une bouteille à la fin d'une course de formule 1. Toutes ces traditios viennent d'une seule Maison : Moët & Chandon ! En effet, depuis 1703, la [...]

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Collaboration: Jeff Koons X Dom Perignon

In 2004, the French champagne brand Dom Perignon asked the well-known American artist to create a limited collection of designed bottles. This collaboration allowed the champagne brand to give a new lease to its perceived old image. The bottles were turned into piece of art, and easily recognizable by the people how know Jeff Koons [...]

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5 things to know about wine and spirits

Wine & Spirits represents one of the most important sector of luxury industry. This fascinating domain, unknown by the public has a lot of secrets and codes that could be very interesting to know. 1.First of all, wine and spirits include of course wine but also Champaign and all the drinks that are obtained by [...]

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Hubert Le Gall and Ruinart

"Blanc de Blanc" Hubert Le Gall, an artist of our time, created the new design of the box and the bottle of the champagne “Blanc de Blanc” of Ruinart.Before him, it was Georgia Russells, which experimented the design of this bottle. This new collaboration permits to Ruinart to stay in their ruled as being really [...]

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The etiquettes when you are drinking wine

When you begin to understand the wine, having proper wine etiquettes is appropriate for all the occasions, especially in the formal occasion. So let’s talk about how to drink wine. Hold the glass The proper way to hold the glass is by the stem with index finger and thumb. Because the temperature of the hand [...]

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La Rioja or Bordeaux. Two different provinces. Two different countri es. Spain or France. It is true that both regions are famous for their wine since both wines have remarkable characteristics that make them special. However, what about if you would want to live a luxury experience? On one hand, in La Rioja you can [...]


Michelin stars restaurant. What is it?

"Man only truly respects what he pays for!"   Nowadays to be awarded a Michelin star (or two, or three) is the top of the restaurant industry. Actually, Michelin has a long history of reviewing restaurants. In 1900, the French Michelin tire company and the owners André and Edouard Michelin launched its first guidebook to [...]

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Les collaborations inattendues de ces dernières années

Les collaborations peuvent donner des résultats plus spectaculaires qu’on ne le croit. La collaboration est un pilier de la créativité : pour rafraîchir sa marque il est important d’innover. Voici quelques exemples de collaborations originales : Tory Burch collabore avec Fitbit afin de créer des bracelets de fitness tendances Shu Uemura x Karl lagerfeld : [...]

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History of the Maison Hennessy

Hennessy has been founded in 1765 by Richard Hennessy, an Irish officer at the service of the King of France. Today considered as the world wilde leader of Cognac, Hennessy became more and more famous when its creator started to conquer the american, market around 1794 and then, the australian, indian and asian markets. This [...]

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Moët & Chandon: an unknown History

Moët & Chandon, famous brand of LVMH Group, was created in 1743 by Monsieur Claude Moët. At this time, it was La Maison Moët. In 1792, Jean-Rémy Moët, the grand-son of Claude, took the direction of the House. It’s in 1883 that La Maison Moët became Moët & Chandon, with the arrival of Pierre-Gabriel Chandon, [...]

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Henri Jayer selected as the most expensive wine of the world

The Richebourg Grand Cru, famous red wine from Henri Jayer has just been designated as the most expensive wine of the world by the Wine Searcher’s ranking. Borned in 1922 and died in 2006, Henri Jayer is one of the most famous French wine grower. He was particularly known for his “Pinot noir” but also [...]

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New-York City guide

La grosse pomme, la ville qui ne dort jamais nombreux sont les surnoms de New-York, cette ville incroyable, ou beaucoup rêvent de vivre. New-York city fascine et séduit par sa beauté, sa diversité. Quelques bonnes adresses pour profiter au mieux de votre prochain passage dans ce Paris à la sauce américaine.  Impossible de passer par la ville sans goûter [...]

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International marketing strategy of Lustau winery

Wine boutique called Lustau, is a cellar with more than twenty select products produced in the three major cities in the Jerez triangle. Created for purchase only in prestigious points of sales such as Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury hotels and deli store or specialty stores. Lustau has a wide market beyond its borders, especially in the [...]

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Bien choisir son vin

Comment choisir du vin quand on ne s'y connaît pas ? C'est la question que beaucoup se posent. Amateurs de vins sans forcement être spécialiste, il nous est déjà arrivé de devoir choisir du vin un au petit bonheur la chance, pour le plus souvent être déçus. Cépage, millésime, appellation, choisir un bon vin ne devrait pas être [...]

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The first boutique Moet Hennessy has opened in Roissy Charles de Gaulle

LS travel retail and Moët Hennessy have opened the world’s first Moët Hennessy store, named Les Caves Particulières, at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 2E recently redesigned to host the most famous luxury brands. It is a unique place, symbolising French excellence. The brand want to create a refined unique space where passengers may [...]

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Amogado “Shake Your Life”

Amogado est un site ouvert depuis le 1er octobre 2014. Ce site parle de produits tendances et innovants. Le concept? De nombreux produits à gagner, en équipe de 2, 3, 4 ou 5 et par tirage au sort. Des marques de tous types y sont présentes, comme Antik Batik, Dammann Frères, Nikon, Le Tanneur, Le [...]

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La guerre des palaces

Le Plazza Athénée, le Lutetia, le Crillon ou encore le Ritz, tous se lancent dans des travaux en veux tu en voilà, afin de maintenir leur places dans le club très fermé des palaces de rêve. L'idée est de donner un nouvel éclat, une nouvelle vie à ces palaces, tout en concevant leur identité, il faut trouver le parfait [...]

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Reka Moscou, le cocktail qui vaut de l’or

Seules ceux d’entre nous qui ont eu l’occasion de visiter Moscou savent à quel point la démesure et les signes de richesse ostentatoires (même éphémères) y sont monnaie courante.. Ainsi, le restaurant Reka Moscou, a battu un nouveau record dans le genre en créant un cocktail d’une valeur de 50.000 dollars, qui en fait la [...]

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Cocktail de luxe

Depuis son ouverture en septembre 2012, le Bar du Bristol vibre chaque soir au rythme des soirées parisiennes. Élu « Meilleur bar d'hôtel de luxe au monde » par le magazine américain Luxury Travel Advisor, ce lieu déjà mythique séduit une clientèle international et trendy grâce à son atmosphère raffinée. Maxime Hoerth le Chef Barman [...]

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When the Champaign turns to art

When a product is not only a product, it has a very complicate meaning for clients, the same happens with art, and that´s why the most exclusive brands of champagne present their most original bets for a toast luxury. From the edition tribute to Andy Warhol by Dom Perignon, the gourmet table created by Perrier [...]

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Belvedere Silver Laser

Les « vodkas bling-bling » ont plus que jamais le vent en poupe ! Dévoilée cette année à Cannes, la célèbre vodka Belvedere nous invite à découvrir, à l’occasion des fêtes de fin d’année, son tout nouveau magnum lumineux : Silver Laser ! De couleur argentée, le flacon de 1,75 litre se métamorphose en une [...]

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Johnnie Walker Presents ‘The Gentleman’s Wager’

The cusp of Scotch whiskey Walker House, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, has recently presented worldwide a short film featuring actors Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini. Directed by the British director Jake Scott, the short film tells the story of a bet between two men who want a unique experience. 'The Gentleman's Wager' shows Jude Law as a [...]

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History of Ruinart

The House of Ruinart is unlike any other. It was the first established Champagne House in 1729 and inspired by the intuition of a monk well ahead of his time… Nicolas Ruinart, a Reims draper like his father, started his first account ledger devoted to "wine with bubbles" on September 1, 1729. This ledger serves as the [...]

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