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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona History

In 1936, the city of Daytona Florida, U.S  became the place where the world's first auto race took place. However, in the minds of those who are seriously interested in watches, this name is associated primarily not with auto racing, but with one of the most recognisable, discussed, sold and desired chronographs in the world [...]

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Luxury bio cosmetic – Patyka case

Natural, soft for the skin and eco-friendly, bio cosmetics has many advantages. Unfortunately, certify brand which succeeds in producing products attractive is rare. Green or wealthy packaging, vegetal smell: dreams and design rarely have its place. But nowadays, natural cosmetics are no longer only in bio supermarkets and invest cosmetic niche shops. Its luxury version [...]

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Chiara Ferragni’s Wedding : the best Ad Campaign of the year?

Saturday 1st of September 2018, Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni married singer Fedez. The wedding, which took place in Sicily during three days, was highly anticipated but no one expected the performance of its content.  Chiara’s wedding was a real fashion experience. Even though every detail was extremely curated by the Blond Salad team, the impact [...]

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Streetwear trend in Luxury

On March 26th, 2018, Virgil Abloh, founder of Off-White, is named the artistic director of the Man collection of Louis Vuitton. The streetwear style, badly seen previously, reconquering the world of the Fashion. You also have Supreme success with the Parisian store, Tracksuits at Chloé and down jackets at Balenciaga... Streetwear culture and luxury brand [...]

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Chanel at l’Opera de Paris

Chanel sponsored the Opening Gala night of the Opera de Paris’ new dance season. Many big names appeared at the Gala like Keira Knightley, Kate Moran and Anne Berest and of course they wore Chanel. Sponsoring this event was not without a reason. Gabrielle Chanel herself used to have a great bond with the world [...]

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The Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi has welcomed over a million visitors since its opening a year ago, including more than half of foreign tourists, said Friday the Authority of Tourism and Culture of Abu Dhabi. The museum was inaugurated with great fanfare in November 2017 by French President Emmanuel Macron and the strongman of the United [...]

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Personalization era in Luxury

One of the premises of luxury brands is to offer the consumer a personalized and unique treatment that makes buying a unique experience that helps to build loyalty and strengthen the relationship between them. If before sales efforts are only focused on the points of sale, with digital disclosure, they have to adapt to the [...]

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Inter-cultural marketing

Louboutin seduces the Indian market « Think global, act local » This phrase from the speech of René Dubos at the very first summit about environment in 1972 has become a mantra for marketers. In today’s globalized world, both traditional and newborn brands are aiming at a world-scale expansion. To ensure the brands’ a homogeneous [...]

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Luxury consumers around the world.

In the last years the notion of luxury is changing, the accessibility of information and a person’s cultural background influence in how they perceive this term. This is now a challenge for brands trying to address a global market. Some countries can be more experienced in the industry and the other can be growing within [...]

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Valentine’s Day 2018; A recap of the prettiest creations

Valentine’s Day is the most precious day of the year where couples get to treat each other like kings and queens. Starting the day off with a tasty breakfast, doing your mid-day activities and ending up in a Gatsby-like restaurant for an astonishing dinner. And then.. how to end the beautiful day with mouth-watering pastries [...]

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Influence of Versailles on Luxury

Although many years ago, the events that occurred at Versailles have shaped our current society immensely. Many may think of Louis XIV as a king, a ruler and monarch of France. And despite the fact he of course was all these things he was an even more important influence in the world of luxury. Before [...]

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Cannes Festival : backstage of the most important worldwide film festival

Cannes Film Festival, also known as Cannes Festival, is the main rendez-vous for the cinema industry since it was founded in 1946, and has become the most prestigious event in the world. Held annually at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes, France, it rewards new movies from all around the world every [...]

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Luxury houses vs Luxury Conglomerate

Model during Balenciaga fashion show at Paris Men's Fashion Week (Photo: Getty Images) "What is Kering?" was one of the questions that arose during the fashion show of the French fashion brand Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week in January. The unknown name appeared in a sweatshirt worn by one of the models, referring to the [...]

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Jaguar and Dua Lipa colaboration

One of the most reknown new music artist worldwide, Dua Lipa launches a vanguard association with Jaguar. The Dua Lipa project is launching a European program to promote the PACE family of Jaguar vehicles, which start point was an exclusive show at the launching ceremony of 'Dua Lipa x Jaguar' in Amsterdam the last September [...]

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Sustainability and luxury now compatible?

We assist to a revolution in the luxury fields, customers want to buy beautiful products but not at the expense of the environment and of the workers who made it. This trend begins with a strong awareness about the planet. It is amplified by the millennials who want transparency and environmental compliance, they are more [...]

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Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid: 2 years of collaboration

On Sunday, February 25, 2018, was presented the last collaboration of the international model of the moment and the American creator. Gigi Hadid, 23 years old Californian woman is the global ambassador of the brand since his first collection GigixTommy launched in 2016. Mr. Hilfiger chooses to work with Gigi because her values are similar [...]

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Luxury Car Giants Make Big Plans For Electric Cars

Here is something that will make everybody more joyful! The extravagance auto brands are presently arranging enthusiastic about the electric autos. This progression comes even after the mixture ones run with high taxation rate. Volvo Cars, known for their extravagance autos is arranging their worldwide electric dispatch in India in 2019. Alternate brands like BMW, [...]

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Louvre Abu Dhabi – The new cultural beacon

A pioneering cultural project - the first of its kind Bringing different cultures together to shine fresh light on the shared stories of humanity. The Louvre Abu Dhabis’ Origins date back to 2007, when the United Arab Emirates and France came together to develop a new kind of cultural institution, a first of its kind museum [...]

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The Antipode: London to New York in 11 Minutes

The Antipode is a supersonic plane that can travel at Mach 24 - that’s 12 times faster than the Concorde! Charles Bombardier, is the industrial designer who came up with concept for The Antipode, conceived it with collaboration with Lunatic Koncepts founder Abhishek Roy. In theory, it could carry up to 10 passengers up to [...]

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U.K. design organization Burberry Group Plc is wagering on development in its littler satchel business and playing up its trademark check as new Chief Executive Officer Marco Gobbetti looks to join the extravagance business' turnaround. At its initially significant runway appear since Gobbetti assumed control in July, the trenchcoat creator flaunted reversible tote packs decked [...]

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Hugo boss spring 2018 collection, presented as part of New York fashion week: men’s in july, was an extended meditation on light fabrics, unlined jackets and roomy Bermuda shorts. Also suits came in papery cotton , anoraks in paper-thin leather. “summer of ease” became the collections title. It had a nautical inspiration, lightly applied: ropes [...]


Bitcoin and luxury

  In the early part of the decade bitcoin and a similar breed of cryptocurrencies where developed many high educated individuals dismissed them as a fad.  digital money was seen as a w ay to purchase illicit items. After a decade of being introduced, we now see its permanence with the sale of luxury items [...]

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TAG HEUER Uses Bollywood To Increase Sales In INDIA

TAG HEUER is a Swiss brand watch and maintains a watchmaking workshop in Cornol, Switzerland. Label Heuer, possessed by French extravagance combination LVMH, at present one of the best three in the Swiss watches classification as far as income and review an incentive in the nation. It was launched in India in the year 2003 [...]

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The force of high-end vintage

Over the last few years they have been popping up in every fashion-conscious city: high-end vintage boutiques. Bargain shoppers as well as the fashion in-crowd have been finding their way to 1970’s Saint Laurent and unique Louis Vuitton bags. Of course everyone loves a good deal, but why exactly are second-hand luxury items so popular? [...]

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Le e-commerce et les maisons de luxe

Pourquoi les marques de luxe ont-elle était si en retard en e-commerce ? La monté en puissance du commerce en ligne contribue au rebond du secteur du luxe qui s’est tardivement mais largement converti au e-commerce. Louis Vuitton Gucci et Hermès ont ouvert leurs propre site en chine et LVMH à lancé 24 sèvres, un site multimarques, en [...]

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Millennials’ millions

Millennials are hot in luxury marketing. Every future-conscious brand is ready to focus on this new generation. They are a fast-growing and influential segment which already accounts for more than 17tn dollars of the global private wealth. Now it might be true that millennials are the future of luxury, but why exactly? We have summed [...]

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gucci’s ace sneaker take personalized kicks to new luxurious levels.

Gucci again as always is back with its luxurious, personalized and classy sneakers. ace sneakers- kicks favoured by the likes of frank ocean, and some of the most important of 2017. The kicks- which, sans patches, are based on 1970s tennis style- retail for 695$ and comes pre loaded with two patches. And also It [...]

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Le Sur-mesure & le luxe

Les Maisons de Luxe doivent répondre aux désirs des client de personnaliser au plus près ses produits. Les grandes maisons de luxe dans les secteurs de la Haute couture, la Maroquinerie, la Joaillerie, l’Horlogerie pour répondre à cette demande incontournable, développent leurs collections de sur-mesure. Parmi les principales marques nous retrouvons notamment Louis Vuitton, Hermès, [...]

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La grande mode des “concepts stores”

La mode des concepts stores, une nouvelle stratégie des marques de luxe Mais un concept store c'est quoi exactement?  c’est donc une boutique éphémère,. L’ouverture d’un pop store est souvent liée au lancement d’un nouveau produit ou à la commercialisation d’une série limitée et événementielle. Les fameuses collections capsules. L’exclusivité et l’air du temps, est [...]

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Vr online shopping

The biggest example of e-commerce and its notice was in 2016 when Amazon trumped Walmart’s valuation with online sales exceeding 42%.  The only concern that comes into play with online shopping is the natural desire to try items before they are purchased- holding not just seeing. To compensate for this NARS makeup is now utilizing [...]

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