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Interview with an employee of Kenzo

The history of Kenzo starts in Japan, at 1970. The founder of Kenzo is Kenzo Takada. He was born in Japan but moved to Paris in 1964 to start his fashion career. His fashion got famous because of the Japanese and Asian style. He started with handmade clothes for women, and in 1983 he started [...]

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Luxury Home Decoration

For lovers of luxury items, not only clothing, but also decoration, many fashion houses have introduced the Home line into their permanent collection. If you need to find an extravagant and memorable gift, pay attention to the collection of Gucci Home. Huge vases, candles in printed porcelain packaging or textile pillows will be a bright [...]

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Body-positivity accounts that will rock your world

Body positivity is hot. More and more people are becoming aware of how important it is to be comfortable in your skin and that you absolutely do not have to meet a certain size in order to feel good and be beautiful. Because we are so happy seeing more and more body positive-movements around us, [...]

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BETC ETOILE ROUGE : The special agency alliance

BETC ETOILE ROUGE is the alliance between Etoile Rouge, independent agency founded by Delphine de Canecaude in 2001, and BETC Luxe, dedicated to luxury, fashion and beauty. Directed by Brune Buonomano, Delphine de Canecaude and Jasmine Loignon BETC ETOILE ROUGE is born from a common ambition.  This new entity, counting more than 70 collaborators, will [...]

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Luxury and its art investments

Many Luxury houses are investing in art or historic buildings or are using art in and around their brand. What is the exact reason behind this? Is it to attract more clients? Or to honour their heritage? Like everyone always says Luxury is a dreamy world, but the atmosphere around the brands should be dreamy [...]

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Luxury brands and humanitarian

It is already taken for granted that luxury brands should aim at a better transparency in the coming years. It means brand should have full control over their supply chain and their employees’ working condition to guarantee their customers they’re not hurting anyone or anything when purchasing the brand’s products. Yet, this may not be [...]

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The art of making a luxury window

Attracting new consumers into a store is an art luxury brands have come to master. In fact, they spend incredible amounts of money to improve their visual merchandising, which includes store image, storefront store, interior store, layout and interior displays. All these elements are meticulously thought and built, for they represent the brand and catch [...]

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Alibaba & Richemont: targetting online Chinese market

In Asia in general and in particular China, the luxury market reappears with force. Chinese consumers also have their own distribution giants that compete face to face with those we know in the West. The Chinese Amazon is called Alibaba, a company that trades on the NYSE - the New York Stock Exchange - for [...]

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Luxe expérientiel : le nouveau luxe

Photo : Le sous-marin de poche mis à disposition des clients de Necker Island, l’île privée de Sir Richard Branson située dans les îles vierges britanniques (BVI) au nord des Antilles. A partir de 27475 dollars la suite en couple pour un séjour d'une semaine ou 62000 dollars la nuit. (© Copyright 2014 Virgin Limited Edition) [...]

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H&M et les marques de luxe

De Kenzo à Lanvin en passant par Jimmy Choo, H&M a pris l’habitude de s’unir avec de grands couturiers pour proposer des collections en édition limitée authentique. Ces collaborations peuvent aussi se nommer des « Masstige » une contraction des mots « mass market » et de « prestige ». L’annonce de nouvelle collaboration comme Moschino Tv en 2018 est l’occasion de [...]

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ALMAS, the most expensive caviar in the world

Having Persian word origins khag-avar, which means "egg generator », Caviar is, undeniably, the most luxurious and exclusive food known to mankind. Almas’s caviar is considered the most expensive one in the world. Caviar of this brand comes from Iran et obviously, it’s that with a huge rarity.  The kilo of caviar from Almas is 25.000 [...]

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The very thin line between inspiration and plagiarism that was (almost) crossed

In this time of age, we could state that the world of fashion is richly filled with creations and talent. Artists draw a lot of inspiration from each other’s work, because to be honest, you probably won’t be much inspired staring at a white wall. Creatives use ideas and mistakes of others to create something [...]

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Luxury Accessories For Pets

How much do we love our pets? The answer seems to perfectly illustrate the billions that owners are willing to spend on them. Every year more and more money is spent on luxury goods and services for pets. It can be anything - from hotels for cats and dogs, which we would not mind to [...]

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Musée des Arts décoratifs

The Museum of Decorative Arts, in the first district of Paris, is one of the world's major collections of design and the decorative arts. The Applied Arts & Design collection takes up the majority of the space with around 150,000 objects. These appear as testaments of the evolution of design and it’s most influential eras. A chronological [...]

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Luxury and sustainability

Luxury houses were never really busy with sustainability. The most important thing was that the brand had a strong heritage and storytelling. Nowadays they feel a new era coming up where the new generations Y and Z actually care about brands who care about the environment. They try to adjust their strategies to show these [...]

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Luxury and Big Data

Imagine next time you enter your favorite store, your phone vibrates in your pocket and a pop-up appears to welcome you back and suggest you some products you may want to try based on your previous purchase, your size and your tastes ? This is not sci-fi anymore, some pioneers are already working on it [...]

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The demand of experiences

The luxury industry pursues the objective of knowing how to transmit emotions and experiences in its brands. These are created in the long term, little by little, with effort and many years of work, even last generations. The mission is to excite and excite each year its customers, being the main way to create brand [...]

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Changing meaning of luxury

Luxury has a rich heritage. Not only from the brands themselves but also from their clients and their luxury needs. The meaning for clients of luxury has definitely changed through the years. “I’m sure you have seen the movie The Titanic,” says Jean-Noël Kapferer, co-author of The Luxury Strategy. "At that time, luxury was segregation. [...]

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Amaury Guichon, God of chocolate

The American dream… Some only dream it, some fail on the way, but some succeed. Born in France, Amaury Guichon left for the United States with a dream of becoming one of the best pastry chef on the continent. 4 years of study and several won pastry contests were all that was enough for him [...]

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Dior perfumes: J. Law as its new face

The actress, the third best paid in the world, is the face of the new perfume of the French brand, which has been released earlier this year. The idyll between Jennifer Lawrence and Dior, which began several years ago, is still alive and fragrant. According to the WWD media, the actress was the muse of [...]

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Paul Bocuse : A legend of gastronomy

Lyon is known, in other things, for its gastronomy and its “bouchons lyonnais”. But we cannot talk about gastronomy and luxury in Lyon without talking about Paul Bocuse. Paul Bocuse is a French chef become famous for the quality of his restaurants and his innovative approach of cuisine. Born in Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or February 11th of 1926, [...]

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Christmas and Luxury Advertising

During the season of Santa Close and Yule log, every luxury brands are there to remind us to buy something special and please our family. We embark on the magic universe of the luxury brand with short films and other special operations, which plunge us into the delight of fairy, that we all love. So, [...]

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Champagne: Piper-Heidsieck collaborates with jeweler Mellerio

An exceptional cuvee, box out of the ordinary. On the occasion of the release of the vintage of 1997 of its prestigious vintage, Rare Champagne, the house of Reims presents this Monday, October 1st 2018 the fruit of its collaboration with the jeweler Mellerio. For the release of the last vintage of its most prestigious [...]

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Party in a Luxury way

At regular festivals where I go, I am used to drinking warm beer, standing in muddy fields and enjoying the music with my friends in between thousands of other people. But for the luxury people, bloggers and celebrities there are other festivals, where they will get treated like superstars with king-size beds, room service and [...]

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Lipault X Jean Paul Gaultier launch a collection of sober and chic luggage

Lipault is a young Parisian brand of luggage. She has partnered with the French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier for her fall/winter 2018 collection. For this collection, the one nicknamed "The enfant terrible de la mode", was inspired by the iconic pieces that marked the story of his brand: the tennis stripe suit and corset made famous [...]

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How luxury brand closed the gap by collaborating with ‘streetwear’ brands

Collaborations in the fashion industry between high & low are ideal. Popular labels build up the necessary fashion credibility, while luxury fashion brands reach a wider audience. Most of the time it's a win-win for the two. Check below some of the most notable collaborations in luxury. Louis Vuitton x Supreme Probably one of the [...]

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Miu Miu Type

For the Autumn/Winter 2018, Miu Miu collaborated with the agency M/M for the project called “The Miu Miu Type, an ABC of Actions Behaviors and Comportament”. The idea consisted in an alphabet reinvented by Miu Miu showing the different facets of a Miu Miu woman through letters. Their A/W 2018 show was decorated with big [...]

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What can we learn from the swift rise of Virgil Abloh ?

We no longer need to introduce Virgil Abloh. Originally the founder of Off-White, a street culture inspired brand that top the charts on Lyst and various other fashion related search engines and who skyrocketed since he collaborated with the century old luxury brand Louis Vuitton, Abloh has swiftly become one of the most influent person [...]

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Welcome Genzies and Baby Bommers

In my experience, the communication from a luxury brand normally is not fun. They have the misconception that you must be in your late 30´s to start buying luxe. Forbes recently reported that Gen Z is on track to become the largest generation of consumers by the year 2020, and they account for $29 to [...]

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