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Fashion and cultural appropriation

“Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” Appropriation of appreciation? These are some questions that come to mind when looking at cultural appropriation in fashion. Are fashion brands and celebrities simply stealing from other cultures or are they taking design inspiration? And when do they cross the line? Firstly let’s take a look at cultural appropriation. [...]

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5 times baby gear brand collaborated with high-end brands

A pram is an investment and by far one of the most expensive things parent-to-be will buy for their new-born. The pram must be good and safe, but doesn’t the eye want some candy too? Here you’ll find 5x collaborations between big brands and baby gear. Silver Cross x Aston Martin With only 600 units [...]

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The future of textile

Stella McCartney A/W 2017 campaign shot by Harley Weir COURTESY OF : Stella McThe technological revolution has led to new businesses model but has also modified the more traditional sectors. This is the case of the textile industry, a sector that has already experienced its transformation three centuries ago, with the introduction of the steam [...]

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Luxury Brand’s challenge: Digital Advertising

The advertising of the luxury sector is making the move to digital media, and this is reflected in the investment of the brands. 33% of the advertising of luxury brands has been digital this year, taking into account an increase of 7% compared to 2017. According to the Luxury Advertising Expenditure Forecasts 2018, published by [...]

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Tiffany & Co. The Great Gatsby jewellery collection

The brilliant jewels of the 20s were recreated by the best masters of Tiffany & Co so that every spectator could plunge into the authentic atmosphere of the world of luxurious parties and love without obstacles. To recreate the pulsating atmosphere of New York in the 1920s when the small island of Manhattan was intoxicated [...]

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Entre Luxe et cinéma, il n’y a qu’un pas

Cinémas et publicité sont maintenant très liés en effet, le monde du luxe fait de plus en plus appel à des cinéastes pour imaginer des fictions publicitaires qui s’insèrent dans leurs contenus de marque. Depuis quelques années, le visage des marques change : Il ne s’agit plus seulement d’une étiquette mais il bien plus question de [...]

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When the luxury world is meeting Hip hop culture

Over the past two years, more than a dozen luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs — have featured hip-hop artists in their advertising campaigns, while brands like Versace and JW Anderson have taken things a step further by collaborating with artists like 2 Chainz and A$AP Rocky on products.   This was not always the case. For many [...]

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5 Must-See Fashion Movies

Dior and I A journey in the famous Dior House following up the seven weeks that signed the debut of the Creative Direction of Belgian designer Raf Simons. From the idea of the models to the creation of the pieces thanks to the incredible work of the seamstresses until the haute couture fashion show of [...]

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The evolution of Kenzo

Kenzo is a Fashion and perfume brand well known since decades. But the brand has passed to Kenzo Takada Haut-couture to the trendy brand of LVMH. Mr. Takata created the brand in 1964 in Paris. He's from Himeji, Japan and studied at Bunka Fashion College. It was his dream to become a creator, especially in [...]

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Fenty Beauty

A year ago singer-songwriter Rihanna launched her very own makeup line called Fenty Beauty. However, the fact that Rihanna herself created this makeup line is not the only special thing about this line. Type the words Fenty Beauty on google and you’ll see tons of articles about why this makeup line in particular is disrupting, [...]

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The non-exclusive Saddle Bag

The famous Saddle bag, who does not know it? It is one of the most worn sponsored bags by influencers. Dior recreated the saddle bag after 19 years. Creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri has reintroduced the classic Dior Saddle bag for the brand’s autumn/winter 2018 collections. There is a lot of criticism on the fact [...]

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Transparency in Luxury

Studies and figures show transparency will be luxury brands’ most challenging issue in the coming years. The Fashion Transparency Index released by the uk-based association Fashion Revolution was widely discussed online and revealed luxury brands were among the last-ranked brands regarding transparency. Even fast-fashion companies such as H&M are amo,among the top 10 brands in [...]

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New luxury purchase triggers

When I started searching the information about what triggers consumers to buy luxury goods or services, some information caught my attention. According to a study from Farfetch the shift from retail stores to digital will be more than 20% for the next years. So the triggers to purchase will be completely different from now. So [...]

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Fashion and gender roles

It has been evolving a couple of decades, but genderless designs still have a long way to go. Although the line between men’s and women’s clothes are blurring it is still not fully accepted. The gender roles that have been put on people mainly originate from societal standards and the fashion industry. Although it may [...]

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Zoom on the latest job trend : Personal shopper

The last couple of years have seen rising a new kind of job career : personal shoppers. What exactly is a personal shopper ? Personal shoppers provide expert advice to a specific client, and offer them a personal shopping experience. They present the latest trends in terms of fashion to the customers, are able to [...]

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E-mobility solutions in Luxury: Mercedes Benz Case

Efficient. Flexible. Urban. Electric mobility now offers the possibility of reducing polluting and acoustic emissions due to traffic and thus significantly improving our lives, especially in cities. In the year 2025, sixty percent of the world population will live in large cities. This development makes essential an intelligent propulsion strategy for individual transport. Wilko Andreas [...]

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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona History

In 1936, the city of Daytona Florida, U.S  became the place where the world's first auto race took place. However, in the minds of those who are seriously interested in watches, this name is associated primarily not with auto racing, but with one of the most recognisable, discussed, sold and desired chronographs in the world [...]

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Luxury bio cosmetic – Patyka case

Natural, soft for the skin and eco-friendly, bio cosmetics has many advantages. Unfortunately, certify brand which succeeds in producing products attractive is rare. Green or wealthy packaging, vegetal smell: dreams and design rarely have its place. But nowadays, natural cosmetics are no longer only in bio supermarkets and invest cosmetic niche shops. Its luxury version [...]

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Chiara Ferragni’s Wedding : the best Ad Campaign of the year?

Saturday 1st of September 2018, Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni married singer Fedez. The wedding, which took place in Sicily during three days, was highly anticipated but no one expected the performance of its content.  Chiara’s wedding was a real fashion experience. Even though every detail was extremely curated by the Blond Salad team, the impact [...]

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Streetwear trend in Luxury

On March 26th, 2018, Virgil Abloh, founder of Off-White, is named the artistic director of the Man collection of Louis Vuitton. The streetwear style, badly seen previously, reconquering the world of the Fashion. You also have Supreme success with the Parisian store, Tracksuits at Chloé and down jackets at Balenciaga... Streetwear culture and luxury brand [...]

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Chanel at l’Opera de Paris

Chanel sponsored the Opening Gala night of the Opera de Paris’ new dance season. Many big names appeared at the Gala like Keira Knightley, Kate Moran and Anne Berest and of course they wore Chanel. Sponsoring this event was not without a reason. Gabrielle Chanel herself used to have a great bond with the world [...]

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The Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi has welcomed over a million visitors since its opening a year ago, including more than half of foreign tourists, said Friday the Authority of Tourism and Culture of Abu Dhabi. The museum was inaugurated with great fanfare in November 2017 by French President Emmanuel Macron and the strongman of the United [...]

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Personalization era in Luxury

One of the premises of luxury brands is to offer the consumer a personalized and unique treatment that makes buying a unique experience that helps to build loyalty and strengthen the relationship between them. If before sales efforts are only focused on the points of sale, with digital disclosure, they have to adapt to the [...]

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Inter-cultural marketing

Louboutin seduces the Indian market « Think global, act local » This phrase from the speech of René Dubos at the very first summit about environment in 1972 has become a mantra for marketers. In today’s globalized world, both traditional and newborn brands are aiming at a world-scale expansion. To ensure the brands’ a homogeneous [...]

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Luxury consumers around the world.

In the last years the notion of luxury is changing, the accessibility of information and a person’s cultural background influence in how they perceive this term. This is now a challenge for brands trying to address a global market. Some countries can be more experienced in the industry and the other can be growing within [...]

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Valentine’s Day 2018; A recap of the prettiest creations

Valentine’s Day is the most precious day of the year where couples get to treat each other like kings and queens. Starting the day off with a tasty breakfast, doing your mid-day activities and ending up in a Gatsby-like restaurant for an astonishing dinner. And then.. how to end the beautiful day with mouth-watering pastries [...]

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Influence of Versailles on Luxury

Although many years ago, the events that occurred at Versailles have shaped our current society immensely. Many may think of Louis XIV as a king, a ruler and monarch of France. And despite the fact he of course was all these things he was an even more important influence in the world of luxury. Before [...]

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Cannes Festival : backstage of the most important worldwide film festival

Cannes Film Festival, also known as Cannes Festival, is the main rendez-vous for the cinema industry since it was founded in 1946, and has become the most prestigious event in the world. Held annually at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes, France, it rewards new movies from all around the world every [...]

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Luxury houses vs Luxury Conglomerate

Model during Balenciaga fashion show at Paris Men's Fashion Week (Photo: Getty Images) "What is Kering?" was one of the questions that arose during the fashion show of the French fashion brand Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week in January. The unknown name appeared in a sweatshirt worn by one of the models, referring to the [...]

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Jaguar and Dua Lipa colaboration

One of the most reknown new music artist worldwide, Dua Lipa launches a vanguard association with Jaguar. The Dua Lipa project is launching a European program to promote the PACE family of Jaguar vehicles, which start point was an exclusive show at the launching ceremony of 'Dua Lipa x Jaguar' in Amsterdam the last September [...]

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Sustainability and luxury now compatible?

We assist to a revolution in the luxury fields, customers want to buy beautiful products but not at the expense of the environment and of the workers who made it. This trend begins with a strong awareness about the planet. It is amplified by the millennials who want transparency and environmental compliance, they are more [...]

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Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid: 2 years of collaboration

On Sunday, February 25, 2018, was presented the last collaboration of the international model of the moment and the American creator. Gigi Hadid, 23 years old Californian woman is the global ambassador of the brand since his first collection GigixTommy launched in 2016. Mr. Hilfiger chooses to work with Gigi because her values are similar [...]

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