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Your Classic Dream Car is Only $100 Away

There is a new app that makes luxury cars accessible to anyone. Rally Rd. is a streamlined and user-friendly platform that allows members to invest in classic cars with shares priced between $50 and $500. The app presents users with luxury cars of their dreams, including photos, history of the car and its owners and [...]

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Being Rich Isn’t Related to Why You Can Access Luxury Goods

Whether one is financially comfortable or not, one will often buy luxury goods to reward themselves, to show off or to gain acceptance. All of which are connected to the emotional weight that we give to expensive products.   One of the reasons is highly related to self-esteem. Imagine yourself on good day, where your [...]

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Luxury & Sustainability

Luxury brands have been facing legal and ethical obligations to change the way they execute their strategies in a more sustainable manner.  The legal landscape globally is changing as well. Organizations in the UK have required companies to be more transparent and publish annual statements concerning animal cruelty and human trafficking. Other than that, climate [...]

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Adieu Colette

colette ne peut exister sans Colette Le 20 décembre 2017 colette a fermé ses portes, après vingt ans de succès. Le premier concept store Parisien était un point de rencontre incontournable pour toute génération et nationalité confondue, colette était le lieu en vogue de la capitale, celui dont tout le monde parlait, celui qui faisait [...]

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Instagram, un outil indispensable.

Pourquoi les maisons de luxe sont si attirées par instagram ? Instagram est un réseau de créativité et d’expérience, c’est aussi une véritable référence en matière d’inspiration visuelle. Les marques y transmettent leurs valeurs, le savoir faire et mettent avant leurs produits. Les marques de luxe font partie des marques les plus influentes sur instagram [...]

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Tech Trends in Fashion and Luxury Retail

Designing for the voice interface Studies predict that by 2020, half of all web searches will use voice or image search rather than text. It is more efficient and often more convenient than typing, and creating a new paradigm for human-computer interaction. Voice interface is all about frictionless experiences, that is, attaining information to purchase [...]

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Why Beauty Influencers are Important in Luxury

Success can be measured in earned media value. If a social influencer mentions the brand’s name in an Instagram post or story, they are amplifying your brand communication. This directly increases and even multiplies the brand’s visibility. Influencers build good networks due to their contacts engagement in conversations or discussions on the various subjects that [...]

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Women, Sexualization, and Ads

Advertisements have been shown on our Television screens for decades. When you’re home watching the news or a specific program, an advertisement is bound to pop up during the commercial break. You’re most likely at that moment to mute the volume or switch the channel. But when it comes to an advertisement for a famous [...]

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Gold-Struck Brand Partnerships that Happened but You Probably Forgot About

Apple x Hermes Apple defines its Hermes-branded watch as “the culmination of a partnership based on parallel thinking, singular vision and mutual regard.” That boils down nicely to a partnership of two highly esteemed brands. Apple was always known for its aesthetics designs, however, with their brand collaboration with Hermes’s handmade leather straps, Apple's watches [...]

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