Quand le Luxe ultime se fond dans la nature

Situés notamment aux Seychelles ou à l'île Maurice, différents établissements Hôtelier de Luxe permettent à leurs hôtes un séjour d’exception et répondent à l’objectif d’allier Luxe ultime & nature.   Ces luxueux établissements au style architectural authentique s’inspirent des traditions de ces îles et sont construites avec desmatériaux locaux dont le bois, le verre, le [...]

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Aston Martins’ new muse Charlotte

British luxury car maker Aston Martin is turning its attention toward women.  Andrew Palmer, the companies CEO plans on expanding the brand to eventually include luxury goods like luggage, clothes, and watches, and he’s counting on an all-female advisory board to help design the new DBX Model. At this moment 95% of Aston Martins Buyers [...]

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The British top has the first supermodel that everyone wanted to seem Kate Moss has the gift of mixing and converting everything that goes into trend. She has one of the most envied locker rooms in the world, but she is very fond of vintage style and can see it with clothes she wore 15 years [...]


Inside BMW Strategy

The business methodology of BMW Group depends on having an effective brand picture. This procedure shapes the establishment of the accomplishment of the BMW Group. BMW Group puts stock in keep up center esteems as innovation, advancement, execution, quality, unwavering quality, selectiveness and consumer loyalty. The organization trademarks of BMW Group in English i.e. "The [...]

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Future for luxury brands

New In a world of abundance, where material possessions are no longer a measure of success, and the tech-fuelled pressures of work and life, give us few moments to be ourselves, the concept of luxury has changed. Luxury is more a state of mind, more an emotional than physical concept, more an [...]

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Millennials’ millions

Millennials are hot in luxury marketing. Every future-conscious brand is ready to focus on this new generation. They are a fast-growing and influential segment which already accounts for more than 17tn dollars of the global private wealth. Now it might be true that millennials are the future of luxury, but why exactly? We have summed [...]

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Your Classic Dream Car is Only $100 Away

There is a new app that makes luxury cars accessible to anyone. Rally Rd. is a streamlined and user-friendly platform that allows members to invest in classic cars with shares priced between $50 and $500. The app presents users with luxury cars of their dreams, including photos, history of the car and its owners and [...]

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Les Journées Particulières LVMH

Les 12, 13 & 14 Octobre 2018 LES JOURNÉES PARTICULIÈRES  LVMH Créées par Antoine Arnault (Directeur général de Berluti, président de Loro Piana, fils de Bernard Arnault, propriétaire de LVMH) en 2011 dans le but de partager avec le public le la transparence du groupe et la diversité des métiers. Cet évènement unique au monde [...]

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Une libération singulière dans les campagnes de communication

Les marques de luxe incitent de plus en plus à la libération des obligations et des codes établis par la société. Elles souhaitent interpeller grâce à des publicités qui sortent de l’ordinaire et qui mettent en avant l’affirmation de soi. La marque Kenzo a par exemple souhaité montrer un changement radical  pour la sortie de [...]

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Millennials seek their opportunity to become influencers

 Generation Z  lifestyle is based on the addictive abuse of social networks as a public showcase. Due to the current influence of many people on social networks, brands have modernized and have abandoned traditional formats to influence this new market. What draws people's attention is the ideal of perfect life that is shown in many [...]

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BMW Design & Technology

Innovation BMW Efficient Dynamics innovation, TwinPower Turbo diesel motors gives class-driving mileage and amazingly low discharges. BMW diesel motors are made principally from lightweight aluminum. BMW BluePerformance innovation decreases NOx discharges created by our diesel motors to a flat out least. And furthermore incorporate a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) cleaning framework, which utilizes a scentless [...]

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How Nespressoo became a luxury brand

Georges ClonneyEconomie matin Launched in 1986, Nespresso is the worldwide pioneer and market leader in high-quality portioned coffee offering innovative coffee machines and flavours of capsules. Nespresso has adopted a differentiation strategy through an image of exclusivity, based on high-quality products, an extensive customer service, and premium pricing. A key driver of Nespresso’s [...]

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The creative director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing, was faithful to his rock-glam,risky, sexy and daring style. The fashion world was revolutionized when they announced the news of this collaboration, and if every year we look forward with impatience the iconic Victoria´s Secret show this year we have still expected much more and has undoubtedly exceeded [...]


Luxe et minimalisme

On connaissait le minimalisme dans la mode, il a fait son apparition dans les années 1990 avec Jil Sander et Helmut Lang pour ne citer qu’eux. Qu’en est il du minimalisme dans le luxe en général ? Y’a t - il un luxe minimaliste ? On peut parler de minimalisme quand il s’agit d’une manière de [...]

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And if someone told you that going to the laundry could be one of the coolest and most original plans? Only Hermes would be able to convert a laundry in something luxurious where everyone would like to go. With the name of Hermèsmatic the house has designed,totally based on its identity, a very chic laundry [...]

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Luxury & Sustainability

Luxury brands have been facing legal and ethical obligations to change the way they execute their strategies in a more sustainable manner.  The legal landscape globally is changing as well. Organizations in the UK have required companies to be more transparent and publish annual statements concerning animal cruelty and human trafficking. Other than that, climate [...]

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Nose, la distribution de la parfumerie alternative

Explorateur de parfums et de produits de beauté, Nose propose une sélection de plus de 500 parfums et 1500 références de plus de 50 marques de créateurs. Situé dans le 2ème arrondissement de Paris, ce concept-store ainsi que la boutique en ligne sont centrés autour d’une idée principale: pouvoir établir son diagnostique olfactif pour trouver [...]

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La Galerie Kréo

Fondée en 1999 par Didier & Clémence Krzentowski la Galerie Kréo est spécialisée dans le design contemporain et vintage. Le premier espace se trouve dans le XIIIème arrondissement de Paris avant de s’installer dans le quartier de Saint-Germain-des-Prés en 2008 et dès 2009, commence à orienter une partie de son travail vers l’ameublement vintage, en [...]

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Adieu Colette

colette ne peut exister sans Colette Le 20 décembre 2017 colette a fermé ses portes, après vingt ans de succès. Le premier concept store Parisien était un point de rencontre incontournable pour toute génération et nationalité confondue, colette était le lieu en vogue de la capitale, celui dont tout le monde parlait, celui qui faisait [...]

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Les voyages de luxe de demain

Les voyages de Luxe excelleront en répondant aux désirs des voyageurs et en leur faisant vivre une expérience inoubliable. Sur terre, les spécialistes des voyages de Luxe se chargeront de créer, d’organiser et de suivre chaque voyage sur-mesure.  Ils chercheront à faire vivre un séjour unique à leur client et à leur famille.  Le choix [...]

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Franca Sozzani knew how to revolutionize the pillars of Vogue Franca saw much further, she knew that the magazine should be avant-garde and beyond the limits of their country, she wanted that the magazine was an example of modernity for all creating controversy with their images. Bruce Weber, Mario Testino, Steven Meisel or Peter Lindbergh, [...]

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The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) marked, as TAJ Hotels Palaces Resorts Safaris.Taj Mahal Royal residence is a compositional gem in Mumbai.The establishment of the Taj was laid in 1898 by Jamsetji Tata and Path opened for visitors in 1903. They worked on the perfect strategy by doing the segmentation, Taj hotels for- Leisure, Events [...]

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Top 5 hostels in the world

Royal Penthouse Suite at President Wilson Hotel Penthouse suites at le Grand Hyatt in Cannes: This hotel is the place of residence of all the stars during the Cannes festival. The Penthouse Suite at this amazing hotel costs a whopping $ 27,000 a night. The hotel offers two king-size bedrooms with upholstered silk [...]

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Couture & Hip-Hop

Dans les années 1980, les marques de luxe étaient nécessaires pour les rappeurs, elles leur permettaient de montrer qu'ils avaient rompu avec la pauvreté et atteint la fortune de façon légale ou illégale. Dapper Dan with LL Cool J   Drake et Anna Wintour, first raw NY Fashion Week Quatre décennies après [...]

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Tech Trends in Fashion and Luxury Retail

Designing for the voice interface Studies predict that by 2020, half of all web searches will use voice or image search rather than text. It is more efficient and often more convenient than typing, and creating a new paradigm for human-computer interaction. Voice interface is all about frictionless experiences, that is, attaining information to purchase [...]

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Virtual Reality = The Future of Marketing

Virtual reality is not a new technological discovery. In the mid-90s, small explorations of gaming and virtual reality had already been ongoing. Today’s Virtual Reality simulators however, are much more advanced and different than one’s we had in the mid-90’s - much like anything that has been advanced from anything we owned in the mid-90’s [...]

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The Millennials: who are today’s fashion Holy Grail

Today’s society doesn’t talk a lot, they prefer emojis. Or at least this is what our parents and grandparents have said at lest once. That might be true, but what is also true is that communication is more important now than ever and communication studies have been booming in the last ten years. But who [...]

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La cire Trudon : des émotions à porter ?

La maison Trudon, connue pour ses bougies parfumées chargée d’histoire, a traversé le temps sans failles en misant sur le pouvoir d’évocation des parfums. Elle ouvre maintenant ses créations à des parfums de peau, une promesse de voyage et d’émotions.  Avec cinq créations, crées en collaboration avec les parfumeurs Antoine Lie, Yann Vasnier et Lyn [...]

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Les super modèles et leur influence

Les super modèles Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford pour le Vogue américain par Peter Lindbergh ©The Telegraph L'évolution des super modèles Apparues à la fin des années 80 et au début des années 90, les super modèles désignent ces mannequins qui marquent leur époque avec de multiples [...]

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Influencer, bientôt une formation à suivre ?

Chiara Ferragni, instagrammeuse italienne©Les Inrockuptibles Qu’ils suscitent envie ou jalousie, les influencers sont les outils marketing tendances de ces dernières années. C’est certainement pourquoi en Italie, l’école de La Social Academy appartenant au groupe de presse Condé Nast a décidé d’ouvrir une formation destinée à former des influencers. Cette dernière vise à instaurer [...]

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Personal Shopper in the luxury world

The personal shopper is a fashion professional who advises and accompanies his customers in their shopping. His coaching takes into account the tastes, style, morphology, personality and budget of his clients. Personal Shopper often from the world of fashion like stylist, buyers, or sales consultant, they have a perfect knowledge of products, fashion, clothing, style [...]

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Gigi Hadid makes Tommy Hilfiger a very rock&roll brand

Gigi reinvents the ideals of the American firm and stars in a capsule collection very different from the Tommy Hilfiger essence. The presentation of the new collection took place at the London Fashion Week; TOMMYNOW, see now, buy now. The collection TommyXGigi Fall 2017 bets for a grunge style with airs of the 90. Tommy [...]

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Millenials are the new target of luxury brands

Connected generationHr ReviewLuxury brands are targeting millennials consumers using digital platforms, product diversity and creative of ways storytelling. The millennial generation refers to those who were born between 1990s and 2000. They have grown up in the rapidly changing digital realm and saw the rise of smartphones and social media. The generation is quickly [...]

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