Instrument d’écriture – Writing instruments

The florentine tradition of leather and paper goods

Writing this article make me very proud. This because even if I haven’t been living stably in Florence for a good four years now, I am still attached to my hometown and believe its best features should be promoted whenever possible. Florence’s beauty, artistic patrimony and historical relevance are well know. Nevertheless, what happens away [...]

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Le Sur-mesure & le luxe

Les Maisons de Luxe doivent répondre aux désirs des client de personnaliser au plus près ses produits. Les grandes maisons de luxe dans les secteurs de la Haute couture, la Maroquinerie, la Joaillerie, l’Horlogerie pour répondre à cette demande incontournable, développent leurs collections de sur-mesure. Parmi les principales marques nous retrouvons notamment Louis Vuitton, Hermès, [...]

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Gold-Struck Brand Partnerships that Happened but You Probably Forgot About

Apple x Hermes Apple defines its Hermes-branded watch as “the culmination of a partnership based on parallel thinking, singular vision and mutual regard.” That boils down nicely to a partnership of two highly esteemed brands. Apple was always known for its aesthetics designs, however, with their brand collaboration with Hermes’s handmade leather straps, Apple's watches [...]

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TSUM – Russian Luxury Mall

TSUM is one of the largest department stores in Europe which is situated in Moscow, Russia. On an area of ​​70 thousand square meters, there is  a collection of more than two thousand brands. Among them - Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Celine, Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Loro Piana, Chopard, Rolex, Graff, Garrard, Patek Philippe, [...]

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L’histoire de la marque Montblanc débute d'une discussion entre trois hommes, le négociant hambourgeois Claus-Johannes Voss, l'ingénieur August Eberstein et le banquier Alfred Nehemias. A l'époque, l'écriture se faisait par l'intermédiaire d'une plume que l'on devait tremper dans l'encrier. Les trois hommes ont eu l'idée de créer une plume possédant une recharge individuelle. En 1909, [...]

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Mont Blanc Shakespeare

Montblanc is known for its Writers Edition pen collections that were first introduced in 1992. The purposes of these Limited Edition pens are to honor various literary greats over the years. This year selection was focused on poet and playwright William Shakespeare. This year is the 400th anniversary of his death, or like Mont Blanc [...]

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Flying First Class with Emirates Airlines

In 2014, Emirates was named the world’s “Most Valuable Airline Brand”. Dubai-based Emirates Airlines has exceeded all its clientele’s expectations by delivering a Prestige flight experience. This A380 plane uses  20 percent less fuel than any other planes. From the 489 seats, only 14 are private premiere suites, or if you prefer “First Class”.   [...]

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L’écriture de luxe avec Montblanc

C’est en 1910 qu’est commercialisé le premier stylo-plume Montblanc, une révolution au niveau du design et de la technique. Le nom de la marque devient une marque commerciale déposée, à la suite du succès de l’entreprise, et s’affiche désormais sur tous les stylos fabriqués par la société. En 1913, l’étoile Montblanc devient le logo de [...]

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Guerlain : l’art de la gravure

Chez Guerlain, la beauté du geste réunit tradition et savoir-faire et fait rimer l’art d’offrir avec personnalisation. Pourquoi s'arrêter à des initiales lorsque l'on peut tout écrire ? Voilà qui pourrait bien être la théorie de Guerlain en matière de gravure. Tout comme les autres parfums de la marque Guerlain, la maison de parfums française [...]

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Artists in the luxury universe

Today, as with everything, the luxury brand needs to justify its price and continuously enhance its value. An artistic imprint adds value, whether it is an artist creating some accents for a line of using an iconic artist’s influence and inspiration in creating something unique and valuable.   Montegrappa Salvador Dalí Surrealista The first pen [...]

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Montblanc, a luxury brand of writing instruments

Montblanc is a German company, which was founded in 1906. It is specialized in the manufacture of luxury pens, but also watches, leather goods, jewellery and perfumes. The House created writing instruments that became icons of writing culture. In 1910, the first fountain pen was launched. It’s a revolution at the level of the design [...]

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Magazines for the wealthy – best magazines about luxury

When luxury becomes a part of everyday life, so do the luxury magazines that inform readers of the best that this world has to offer. Here are some luxurious magazines that cater to the needs of the rich and the wealthy all over the world.   Bespoke Magazine, Middle East Distribution: Point of Sale, Direct [...]

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Bernard Arnault : zoom sur la vie de l’homme le plus riche de France.

La Famille la plus riche de France Dynastie adulée ou jalousée, réussite sociale méritocratique ou constat simple d’un succès, la famille Arnault est aujourd’hui la première richesse de France. Son pionnier, sans qui le premier groupe mondial du luxe ne serait peut-être pas français, n’est autre que Bernard Arnault. A la tête du groupe LVMH [...]

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A short history of Vogue magazine

In 1892 Vogue was founded by Arthur Baldwin Turnure who wanted to create a publication about the "ceremonial side of life" that targets the new aristocracy of New York. When looking for a name, the magazine’s first editor Jonathan Redding found the following definition of “vogue”: “Mode of fashion prevalent at any particular time; popular [...]

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The new concept stores of Montblanc

Montblanc unveils a new store concept: "the House of Fine Lifetime Companions" through the eyes of designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. The Luxury home transmits its core values ​​and provides a new shopping experience that highlights the European know-how, the tradition of refinement and constant quest for innovation. The new concept is based on three major themes [...]

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Montblanc – The Creation of Masterpieces

The originally German company Montblanc creates different models of writing instruments whereas its core product is the so-called “Masterpiece” or in German “Meisterstück”. While the masterpiece model is the company’s most sold item, various other writing instrument lines are only sold as limited editions like the “Patron of the Art“ Series. Only a few hundred [...]

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The History of Vogue

A Princeton socialite, Arthur B. Turnure, wanted to create a social publication located in New York. He created Vogue together with friend Harry W. McVickar, a successful illustrator and his family member Stephen Whitney. The magazine was back in the days 10 cents an issue. His 250 shareholder and subscribers were the most connected and [...]

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Extreme: The new collection dedicated to the adventurer of cities signed Montblanc

The male collection Extreme of Montblanc has been designed to resist effectively the requirements of daily life urban. In fact, it pushes the limits of technical innovation to achieve new performance of robustness and quality. This new collection blend style and functionality. Articles elegant leather goods have been designed with an innovative leather high resistance. [...]

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Montblanc Plays “Gilda”

We are convinced that Rita Hayworth would be happy to sign autographs with the pen that Montblanc just added to his long list of honors. Inspired by "Gilda", the film and the character that made the beautiful actress an international star, the German firm has just introduced Pen Montblanc Limited Edition Rita Hayworth, a jewel at the height of one [...]

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Montblanc invents the first digital writing instruments

A pioneer in the industry of writing instruments, pens by refined, elegant and high quality, Montblanc house now entering a new era by offering stylus allowing both to write or draw on any touch screen. Concerning the product, the stylus is made of hard silicone material that offers the precision of a writing instrument similar [...]

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Montblanc’s tribute to JFK

The legends are remembered in great events, is why the luxury brand Montblanc reminiscent of the legendary American president John F. Kennedy, through a special edition pen that comes within the Grands Caractères collection of Montblanc that for several years pays homage to the most representative men of world society. The design of the special [...]

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