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Is Chanel No5 in Danger of Extinction?

There will hardly ever be a perfume as iconic as Chanel No5. The fragrance created by the maison’s founder, Coco Chanel, along with Ernest Beaux, is one of the best sellers still today. Immortalized by Marilyn Monroe in the pass and with many muses as its égérie, among them Gisele Bündchen.     New smoother [...]

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Luxury Houses Help Fund Rome’s Historical Sites

  The conservation and restoration of historical cultural assets of a city takes up a large share of the public budget and this, when they gain the attention and care they deserve. Some may find a superfluous investment but it is worth stopping to think: what would become of the many local economies without the [...]

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Where ? 9703 Collins Avenue, Bal Harbour Miami Beach, FL, 33154 United States  A Little Bit of History In January 2012, the hotel complex opened its doors after a collaboration between Starwood Hotels and the architectural firm Sieger Suarez Architecture. The decor was completely made by the international designer : Yapu Pushelberg. The story of St [...]


Destination Monaco

Monaco est une destination située au bord de la « french Riviera » qui attire énormément de privilégiés du monde entier, de la jeunesse dorée aux milliardaires en passant par les célébrités. Cette Principauté est célèbre et reconnue pour son luxe dans le monde entier et ne connaît pas d’égal à proximité. Monaco irradie le monde entier [...]

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Amazing AirBnB Rentals in Paris

Renting out someone else’s home during travel is becoming a thing now. Not only you get to live in a larger space with fully equipped kitchen, living room etc, you also get to live like a local, experience the culture of a foreign city better. Staying in a rather decent 4-star hotel for approximately 150euros [...]

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Beautiful spots on your doorstep: France

You may think that you need to take a 14hour flight out of the country to see new things. But sometimes, change is on your doorstep. If you live little old Paris and you need a break, there’s no need to pay a (very expensive) ticket to Rio. Why no just take the train to [...]

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WHERE ? 108 East Superior Street (at North Michigan Avenue) Chicago, Illinois United States A LITTLE OF HISTORY The Peninsula Chicago is a 5-star hotel perfectly integrated in the city of Chicago since he regularly have tourists, corporate events or events such as weddings, baby showers ... He is recognized as one of the best hotels [...]


Rich Kids Showing Off

Nowadays in the luxury industry we need to be ready of the new client. Know not only the adult can afford luxury products. But these jet set kids, so called “rich kids of instagram”, they also can afford luxury product. Being inspired by the Kardashian young generation, these generation with age between 15-20 years old, [...]

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Sochi – Russian Riviera

Russian city Sochi is well-known for XXII Olympic Winter Games which were held there in the period from 7 to 23 February, 2014. The Olympic Games in Sochi has become one of the most ambitious and complex major Russian projects in the last 20 years. And this city is also known for Russian Grand Prix [...]

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Best Cruises

Best Value for Money Winner: Carnival Cruise Line Why: Carnival is the Everycruiser's line, appealing to a broad spectrum of vacationers who share one common trait: They all want a crazy-fun escape without going bankrupt. The combination of Carnival's sizable fleet (24 ships), emphasis on popular destinations (Caribbean, Bahamas and Mexico) and dedication to accessible [...]

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Celebrity Vacation spots

  Celebrities are known for being luxury globe-trotters (they can afford it, obviously). From classy, to bobo, to vamp-camp, celebrities, whomever they are, know how to vacay better anyone else. Saint-Tropez is a go-to celeb hide out : hot sandy beaches with luxurious services, sipping rosé, snacking on lobster. If ever you want to fall [...]

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FleurBurger: The $5,000 Burger Experience

The  $5,000 FleurBurger Experience Dany Meyer, a restaurateur and chief executive officer of the union square hospitality group stated that “At the base level, a burger is a piece of meat and a bun with something on it. It's simple but it seems to make a lot of people happy.” What I am going to [...]

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WHERE ? 9882 South Santa Monica Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY The Peninsula of Beverly Hills has opened the 8th of August 1991. It was the first luxury hotel to open in Beverly Hills in 20 years. The Peninsula Beverly Hills was the second Peninsula branded hotel to open in the [...]

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Les grands groupes hôteliers de luxe

L’univers de l’hôtellerie recense une liste de chaînes hôtelières, et certaines ont su se qualifier à travers le luxe et l’élégance. Selon les clients de ces hôtels, il subsiste 5 grandes enseignes luxueuses. Elles se distinguent autant par la qualité des prestations et service que par les hôtels d’exception, renommés dans le monde entier. Les [...]

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5-star Luxury Casino Hotel in Asia – Wynn Palace

Wynn Resorts had opened its doors to Wynn Palace, the latest masterpiece from Steve Wynn, at 8pm on August 22, 2016, after six years of development.  The spectacular new destination represents the culmination of Mr. Wynn’s more than 45 years of experience and redefines luxury in Macau’s evolution into a world center of tourism and [...]

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 Voilà, vous y êtes, vous avez décidé et aller bientôt posez vos valises à Marrakech, dépaysement et exotisme assuré. Le soleil, les palmiers, les couleurs et les senteurs orientales, vous envoûtent à la seconde où vous serez arrivez… VOUS Avez hâte ? Et on vous comprend, c’est une destination à faire et à refaire Voici les places les [...]

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Escapade de luxe en Provence, Château de Berne

Le Château de Berne Niché au cœur de la Provence, dans le Var à Lorgues, le Château de Berne est un lieu incontournable pour les amoureux du luxe. Château datant du 18ème siècle, il s’articule aujourd’hui autour de deux grands thèmes : la Provence et le vin. Un domaine au calme où l’on peut retrouver 121 [...]

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La Bastide de Gordes : petit dernier dans le cercle très fermé des Palaces français

La distinction « Palace » est décernée aux hôtels 5 étoiles présentant des caractéristiques exceptionnelles en rapport avec leur situation géographique, leur intérêt historique, esthétique ou patrimonial, ainsi qu’aux services offerts. Aujourd’hui, il existe 23 Palaces en France.   La Bastide mérite entièrement sa nouvelle dénomination. Ancienne bâtisse seigneuriale, bâtie sur des remparts du XIIème siècle à [...]

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WHERE ? 2 New Montgomery Street San Francisco, CA 94105 United States A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY In the middle of the Linkedin Tour, Mozilla Firefox Tour and Yelp Tour, you can find one of the most majestic palace in San Francisco : « The Palace ». Symbol of the avant-gardist technologic 100 years ago, The Palace is born [...]


Le Bristol

Le Bristol est un hôtel de luxe situé au cœur de Paris, 112 rue du faubourg Saint Honoré. Ancien hôtel particulier du XVIIIe siècle, transformé en hôtel début du XXe siècle, le Bristol est devenu un des plus beaux palaces de Paris grâce à M. Oetker, industriel Allemand, qui le rachète en 1978 et l’agrandit [...]

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Sun Island Resort & Spa Hotel Maldives

This Luxury Hotel is situated in Maldives Islands (Maamigili) and has 9 restaurants, spa center, golf area, orchid garden, natural park, tennis courts on its territory. First visiting this place I was very excited and inspired by the atmosphere around me. Crystal blue pure water, white sand, hot sun, beautiful nature, high-level service – this [...]

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Unusual & Unique Hotels of the World

Liberty Hotel, Boston You don’t have to commit a crime anymore to earn acceptance into Boston’s famous Liberty Hotel, which used to be home to the Charles Street jail—inmates once included Malcolm X and shamed Boston mayor James Curley. Built in 1851, the jail, which resides in the heart of Boston’s Beacon Hill, sealed its [...]

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The most beautiful beaches in the world

Our planet is made of exotic lands and deep blue seas surounded by out of this world beaches. The Palawan beaches in the Philipnes were ranked #1 two years in a row. 52 white sandy beaches, blinding blue water and outter-space sunsets. #2 on our list is the Honokalani beach in Maui. See-thru blue water [...]

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L’architecture des palaces

Nous sommes tous admiratifs et émerveillés lorsque nous apercevons un Palace dans une rue, à la télévision, dans les films, dans les séries télévisés… Cela est notamment dû à leur architecture qui va permettre de les distinguer les uns des autres. L’architecture du palace va nous faire rêver et nous donner envie de pénétrer au [...]

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Flying First Class with Emirates Airlines

In 2014, Emirates was named the world’s “Most Valuable Airline Brand”. Dubai-based Emirates Airlines has exceeded all its clientele’s expectations by delivering a Prestige flight experience. This A380 plane uses  20 percent less fuel than any other planes. From the 489 seats, only 14 are private premiere suites, or if you prefer “First Class”.   [...]

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Le Plaza Athénée, revu et corrigé.

Le Plaza Athenée, palace que l’on ne présente plus, construit au début du XXème siècle, refait peu à peu peau neuve. En effet, après les travaux gargantuesques réalisés en 2015, le Plaza continue de réaliser l’impossible : devenir une meilleure version de ce qu’il était déjà. Installé il y a 10 ans, l’Institut Dior a [...]

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Le Ritz

  L’Hôtel RITZ est considéré comme un des plus beaux et luxueux palaces au monde. L’hôtel a été fondé par l’hôtelier suisse César Ritz en 1898. Il a très vite établi une réputation luxueuse ayant pour clients des personnalités du monde politique, du cinéma et de la chanson...D’ailleurs plusieurs suites portent le nom de célébrités. [...]

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5 reasons to visit Monaco

There are plenty of reason to come to visit Monaco, and also come to stay in. These reason are the following 1- Security: First of all security is something almost everyone care about, people coming from big cities will understand and will be pleased to feel secure. 2-Good weather: there is always the sun, and [...]

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Yachtster, le nouvel “Uber” qui veut casser les codes du Yachting

« Aujourd’hui, les codes du luxe ont changé. Il y a une vingtaine d’années, les gens fortunés souhaitaient prendre leur temps, profiter du calme. Maintenant, il faut être capable de leur fournir tout, tout de suite. » à déclaré Anthony Brisacq.  Cette phrase du fondateur résume l’ambition d’un nouveau service : La location de yachts en ligne. Yachtser offre [...]

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