Groupe de luxe

LaFerrari Aperta

This new launch on the 70th anniversary of Ferrari came to remember the unique core values of its brand – technological excellence, performance, style and exclusivity. Aperta is the new limited-edition special series, an open-top version of the acclaimed LaFerrari supercar. Available with both a carbon fiber hardtop and soft-top, the LaFerrari Aperta boasts the [...]

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Mercedes-Benz Arrow 460

Mercedes-Benz announced the launch of its very own yacht in April. At the Monaco Yacht Show, the car company finally unveiled the final design for the ‘Arrow460-Granturismo’ and it is set to command a name for the brand at sea as it does on land. The result of this amazing collaboration between Mercedes and Silver [...]

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’Beacon’’ Uber For The Skies

You have probably heard by Uber, and you probably use it as well. But have you heard about Beacon? This the ultimate form of travel. Beacon is an aviation start-up that launched flights in September and offers the unlimited private air travel to customers on the east coast (New York, Boston, Nantucket or the Hamptons), [...]

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ASTORIA – Russian Luxury Hotel

Built in the period from 1911 to 1912, "Astoria" hotel was designed by a famous architect from Saint  Petersburg Fyodor Lidvalem. The Hotel is one of the most famous historic hotels in the city, this building is now the subject of public security. In 1941, after the Second World War the hotel "Astoria" was located [...]

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Clive Christian Perfumes

Clive Christian was established in 1999 when the English designer acquired the oldest British Perfume House, The Crown Perfumery, first made famous 135 years ago when it was uniquely honored by Queen Victoria with the gift of her crown as a symbol of utmost quality and British excellence. Clive Christian revived the original values of [...]

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Les smartphones de prestige : entre capacité et design

Tout le monde connaît les smartphones et le luxe, mais est-ce que les deux combinés vous parlent ? Alors que les nouveaux smartphones sont de plus en plus performants, certains veulent également l'exclusivité d'un tel produit. C'est pourquoi tous les moyens sont bons pour se différencier et avoir un mobile unique. Alors que le Tag Heuer [...]

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Asia’s First Four Seasons Waterfront Residence

 Four Seasons did it again, only this time he went all the way to Chao-Phraya River at Bangkok, redefining luxury, excusive living and majestic views. There is nothing quite like sitting back in a spacious, tastefully furnished living room as you take in the salty breeze of one of Thailand’s major rivers, the Chao Phraya. [...]

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Le Parc du Cap à Juan-les-Pins L’une des plus belles résidences de luxe de la Côte d’Azur

En 2010, L'ex-St-Georges devient la Résidence Parc du Cap. Situés au coeur de la nature, cette résidence est composée de 98 appartements avec terrasses spacieuses et jardins privés en rez-de-chaussée, sécurité et vidéosurveillance 24h/24h, de piscines privées pour certains appartements en rez-de-chaussée ou sur les terrasses de deux piscines dans les parties communes (une en [...]

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$ 2 Million Meal

Have you ever heard of the most expensive meal in the planet? Well here it is. If you are one of the luckiest persons that have a spare change of $2 Million you can now go all the way to Singapore to enjoy this unique and exclusive dining experience. The restaurant is called ‘Ce La [...]

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TSUM – Russian Luxury Mall

TSUM is one of the largest department stores in Europe which is situated in Moscow, Russia. On an area of ​​70 thousand square meters, there is  a collection of more than two thousand brands. Among them - Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Celine, Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Loro Piana, Chopard, Rolex, Graff, Garrard, Patek Philippe, [...]

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Quand la Mode collabore avec la Gastronomie

En France, la couture et la gastronomie sont deux spécialités à part entière. Il est difficile d’imaginer Alain Ducasse en Prada, ou Victoria Beckham en Alain Ducasse … Et pourtant, depuis quelques années une tendance naît : celle de savourer des créations. Les marques les plus prestigieuses collaborent avec les fins gourmets pour créer l’Excellence dans [...]

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Moet & Chandon ‘’Bright Light’’

Moet & Chandon bring to you a revolutionary bottle; The first-ever luminous champagne bottle ever made. ‘Bright Night’ comes to you as the perfect excuse for any occasion worth a celebration. This is not only a visual innovation but also technical. Featuring a grand format Moet & Chandon champagne bottle with a luxuriously golden metallic [...]

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The visit of La Fondation Louis Vuitton

It is incredibly beautiful building in the incredible beautiful place, which is surrounded by amazing park! Unusual combination of architecture and nature, the cascade of water going down the stone steps to the foot of the building, colored petals-wall revealed differently under the new angle of view – these are  the main things which separates [...]

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God Save Galliano

The prodigy child of fashion.   A rusty key opened John Galliano's door to success. It led to a dilapidated Parisian property of the 18th century, in which the young fashion designer could show his collection. Within two weeks he designed and produced 17 outfits, all in black because he had neither the time nor the [...]

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EX NIHILO : A Scent by The Challanger

In this very competitive world, people can personalized almost everything. Start from sneakers to cars, so why not perfume? Ex Nihilo, a luxury French perfume corporative looking to shake up the conservative perfume industry, offers a niche collection of scents that can be subtly customized to be best suit to the wearer. Inspired by both [...]

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Le Qatar et le Luxe

Le Qatar est un des plus petits pays mais le plus riche du Moyen-Orient notamment grâce à la richesse de ses ressources naturelles, en particulier le gaz. Le pays fait partie intégrante et joue un rôle important dans le monde du luxe grâce à des participations majoritaires. Valentino par exemple, ainsi que les grands magasins [...]

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Is Chanel No5 in Danger of Extinction?

There will hardly ever be a perfume as iconic as Chanel No5. The fragrance created by the maison’s founder, Coco Chanel, along with Ernest Beaux, is one of the best sellers still today. Immortalized by Marilyn Monroe in the pass and with many muses as its égérie, among them Gisele Bündchen.     New smoother [...]

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Luxury Houses Help Fund Rome’s Historical Sites

  The conservation and restoration of historical cultural assets of a city takes up a large share of the public budget and this, when they gain the attention and care they deserve. Some may find a superfluous investment but it is worth stopping to think: what would become of the many local economies without the [...]

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What comes to your mind when you think of watches? Time? Practical? Elegant? Simple things you can see at first glance. But what if we introduced to you this new model of Swiss watchmaker MB&F? It’s called HM8 because it was inspired by the Can-Am racing (which started 5 years ago). Many watches reveal their [...]

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Avenue Montagne, Paris. My personal impressions

Avenue Montaigne - 615 m long street in the 8th arrondissement between Ron Puen Square and Bridge Alma. Long ago this avenue was called «Widow`s Alley», because grieving widows as liked to gather here a few centuries ago. Then the alley was named after the famous French writer Michel de Montaigne from Renaissance epoch. In [...]

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Méert, le luxe de la Gourmandise

  Et si le savoir-faire s’interprétait dans une gourmandise, une douceur, un plaisir… Et si le luxe était de prendre son temps, celui nécessaire à la dégustation d’un plaisir récemment renouvelé par la célèbre Maison Méert. Pâtisserie-chocolaterie, puis salon de thé, traiteur et restaurant, Méert est une véritable institution. Renommée pour ses fameuses gaufres fourrées [...]

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La Société des Bains de Mer, appelée plus couramment la SBM, est une compagnie contrôlée par l'État monégasque, fondée par le Prince Charles III de Monaco en 1863. Elle gère aujourd'hui dans la principauté de nombreux actifs dans l'hôtellerie haut de gamme et les loisirs. Ses activités sont essentiellement tournées vers le tourisme de luxe. La SMB présente une large [...]

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Oliver Rousteing: From Self Educated to Prodigy

A French Prodigy Olivier Rousteing is a French Designer and has been at the helm of Balmain since 2011. He was only 24 years old when he was appointed artistic director, becoming the youngest creative director in Paris since Yves Saint Laurent.  Olivier Rousteing was adopted at the age of 5 months old and spent his [...]

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Sun Island Resort & Spa Hotel Maldives

This Luxury Hotel is situated in Maldives Islands (Maamigili) and has 9 restaurants, spa center, golf area, orchid garden, natural park, tennis courts on its territory. First visiting this place I was very excited and inspired by the atmosphere around me. Crystal blue pure water, white sand, hot sun, beautiful nature, high-level service – this [...]

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Burberry, la première marque de Luxe connectée

Angela Ahrendts est une chef d’entreprise américaine dans l’industrie de la mode. Après avoir travaillé pour des stylistes, elle succède à Rose Mari Bravo en tant que CEO de la marque de prêt-à-porter britannique Burberry de 2006 à 2014. Durant ses années pour la marque, Angela Ahrendts développe les stratégies commerciales et marketing du marché [...]

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LVMH wants to invest heavily in digital

The owner of Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior firmly believed in the possibility of setting up companies that would only operate on the web: for example, he wanted to launch an online bank; The project was called Thebank. Luxury has put a lot of resistance to appropriating the multiple possibilities of the internet during the [...]

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The economics numbers of fashion in France

Population: 66.2 million Work Force: 30.05 million Rate of unemployment: 9.9% GDP per capita: 48 648 euros National value of the fashion sector: 48 trillion euros Fashion jobs: 580,000 Numbe r of employees in the fashion retail industry: 201,000 Number of employees in the shoe retail industry: 27,500 Number of employees in the clothing retail [...]

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