Sometimes there is a moment where you cannot describe or even translate a scents to a language. For example, what is the scents of a champagne? It is hard to describe, isn’t it? Sometimes all we need is the reminder of other senses. Biologically, we respond to aroma in a very powerful way that is [...]

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TSUM – Russian Luxury Mall

TSUM is one of the largest department stores in Europe which is situated in Moscow, Russia. On an area of ​​70 thousand square meters, there is  a collection of more than two thousand brands. Among them - Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Celine, Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Loro Piana, Chopard, Rolex, Graff, Garrard, Patek Philippe, [...]

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Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, un voyage dans le temps !

Le marché aux Puces est le premier marché d’antiquités au monde et l’un des plus grands sites touristiques d’Ile-de-France. Il détiendrait son nom si atypique d’un chineur qui s’exclama « Ma parole, c’est le marché aux puces. », en sous-entendant que la marchandise était surement vendue « puces comprises ». Cet intitulé s’est propagé par le biais des cartes [...]

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Honne Concert

One of the hottest group in these days is Honne. British Group Honne are playing electronic music and pop-rock / folk. They are throwing concerts all over the world: Paris, London, Seoul, Tokyo, ... Arising singer-songwriter James Hersey will be together.   Soyeong LEE

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Les publicités de luxe

Avec une place prépondérante dans notre quotidien, la publicité est partout. Dans nos foyers, dans la rue, à la télévision, dans nos magazines…. la publicité est là pour montrer. Pour vendre ensuite, bien entendu, mais sa fonction première est d’exposer. Une collection, un univers, un nom. Elle transmet une multitude de messages plus ou moins [...]

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The visit of La Fondation Louis Vuitton

It is incredibly beautiful building in the incredible beautiful place, which is surrounded by amazing park! Unusual combination of architecture and nature, the cascade of water going down the stone steps to the foot of the building, colored petals-wall revealed differently under the new angle of view – these are  the main things which separates [...]

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Beautiful architecture

  Paris, Rome, Barcelona… Europe is patterned with beautiful locations, full of incredible architecture and ancient cultures. Rome is one of the most ancient cities ever, and its streets are still full of the Roman Empire style. The coliseum is one of the eight wonders of this world and it’s a perfect example of what [...]

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Pierre et Gilles : un duo atypique

L’art se représente sous différentes formes : le cinéma, la chant, la photographie, la peinture etc. Pierre et Gilles est un pseudonyme du couple d’artistes français constitué du photographe Pierre Commoy et Gilles Blanchard. Leur collaboration les amène à développer leur propre style, un mélange de pop art, de religion, de pornographie, de culture gay et [...]

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INDONESIA : 100 Countries in One

From Sabang to Marauke , from the famous Bali to Raja Ampat, Indonesia has been always one of the most touristic destination. Containing 17,508 – 18,306 islands and 8,844 that have been named according to estimates made by the Government of Indonesia, with 922 of those permanently inhabited and over 300 languages are spoken across [...]

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Coffee Shops in Korea & Things You Need to Know about Coffee

Café Namusairo It first opened in 2002 right in front of Seoul National University and later moved here in 2013. They focus on the basics of coffee and use good materials for everything—from raw coffee beans to the handcrafted sauces. They offer customers a rare type of specialty coffee that costs up to 20,000 won a cup as well [...]

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God Save Galliano

The prodigy child of fashion.   A rusty key opened John Galliano's door to success. It led to a dilapidated Parisian property of the 18th century, in which the young fashion designer could show his collection. Within two weeks he designed and produced 17 outfits, all in black because he had neither the time nor the [...]

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J’aimerais, je voudrais … la Tour Eiffel !

J’aimerais, je voudrais … la Tour Eiffel ! « Ajoutez deux lettres à Paris : c’est le paradis » Parisiens, français, ou étrangers, peu importe d’où l’on vient, lorsqu’on est à Paris on veut vivre Paris, respirer Paris et partager Paris. Quoi de mieux pour boire un verre que d’être aux premières loges de la capitale ? [...]

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Amber jewellery from Russia

A particular style, sun's heat, soft gloss, which is particularly evident when it is exposed to light, distinguishes Amber Jewelry. Jewels of this mineral are appreciated by both, men and women since immemorial time. It is a unique product, which is not affected by time, age and fashion trends. Russian amber products are created by [...]

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Bali’s secret locations

Bali has always been a sacred location for lovers and honeymooners. But lately, the island of the Gods has also become a family destination and a backpacker’s heaven. Landing in the buzzing city of Seminyak is the best way to dive into the balinisian culture. This city is full of people on scooters, oversized nightclubs [...]

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Les Galeries Lafayette

Situées dans le 9ème arrondissement, les Galeries Lafayette sont le symbole du shopping parisien.   Leur histoire débute en 1893, lorsque deux cousins alsaciens, Théophile Bader et Alphonse Kahn, ouvrent un magasin de nouveautés dans une petite mercerie de 70 m2, à l’angle de la rue La Fayette et de la rue de la Chaussée [...]

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Monaco – the capital of Luxury lifestyle

Principality of Monaco - one of the smallest states in Europe - a country of dreams, memories of visiting this country will stay with you for all your life. Monaco is unique for its atmosphere, mixed together with luxury and elegance. Monaco – is the world`s famous resort and the place of racing Formula 1, [...]

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Morocco and its wonders

In the last few years, Morocco has become one of the worlds must see countries. First of all, this beautiful country has one of the world’s oldest and most mind-blowing cultures ever. One of the oldest dynasties of our planet, Morocco and all its riches are now at the height of luxury destinations. Hotels and [...]

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La boutique épéhémère Chanel à Saint-Tropez

Si vous posez vos bagages à Saint-Tropez cet été, rendez-vous à La Mistralée pour vivre une expérience unique dans la boutique éphémère Chanel. C’est dans cet hôtel particulier – un joyau architectural datant de 1850 – que la célèbre Maison s’installe durant l’été depuis 7 années consécutives. Entrez par le portail noir sertit de la [...]

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Burberry, the perfect British Style

      Something that has always been there, that does not call for discussion. Not a moment we call or come to its characteristics. The creator, a British Tomas Burberry, suffers from rheumatism and the English climate only accentuates his torment. He wants to create clothing to protect from the cold and moisture while remaining [...]

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Luxury Houses Help Fund Rome’s Historical Sites

  The conservation and restoration of historical cultural assets of a city takes up a large share of the public budget and this, when they gain the attention and care they deserve. Some may find a superfluous investment but it is worth stopping to think: what would become of the many local economies without the [...]

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Les jardins à la française

  Le jardin à la française ou jardin classique est un type de jardin d'agrément créé au XVIIe siècle par des architectes jardiniers dont le plus connu est André Le Nôtre. Ils se distinguent par une perspective ouverte : le jardin est conçu pour qu'on puisse le voir s'étendre au loin depuis le château ou le palais. [...]

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Free The Nipples

The movement “Free the nipple” stems from a simple question : while men can quietly take off their shirt as soon as the sun begins to point his nose, why do women may not do the same? By bringing the gender quality issue, it created a question about whether the nipple of a woman is really [...]

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What comes to your mind when you think of watches? Time? Practical? Elegant? Simple things you can see at first glance. But what if we introduced to you this new model of Swiss watchmaker MB&F? It’s called HM8 because it was inspired by the Can-Am racing (which started 5 years ago). Many watches reveal their [...]

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Avenue Montagne, Paris. My personal impressions

Avenue Montaigne - 615 m long street in the 8th arrondissement between Ron Puen Square and Bridge Alma. Long ago this avenue was called «Widow`s Alley», because grieving widows as liked to gather here a few centuries ago. Then the alley was named after the famous French writer Michel de Montaigne from Renaissance epoch. In [...]

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Amazing AirBnB Rentals in Paris

Renting out someone else’s home during travel is becoming a thing now. Not only you get to live in a larger space with fully equipped kitchen, living room etc, you also get to live like a local, experience the culture of a foreign city better. Staying in a rather decent 4-star hotel for approximately 150euros [...]

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Beautiful spots on your doorstep: France

You may think that you need to take a 14hour flight out of the country to see new things. But sometimes, change is on your doorstep. If you live little old Paris and you need a break, there’s no need to pay a (very expensive) ticket to Rio. Why no just take the train to [...]

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From Gabrielle Chanel to Picasso to Jean-Paul Gauthier…

La marinière Fashion is also made of stereotypes, which often reflect the reality. One can imagine the typical profile of the typical Frenchman, a beret, a wand under his arm, a Gauloises between his fingers and a white jersey with blue stripes, with three-quarter sleeves and a boat neck. The Breton jersey, or marinière, has [...]

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La tendance mode des années 20

Au sortir de la Première Guerre mondiale, les femmes s’émancipent. Nombre d’entre elles sont devenues veuves et elles sont dans l’obligation de travailler pour subvenir aux besoins de leur famille. Les années 20 marquent aussi la soif de liberté des femmes et la démocratisation du sport : les femmes veulent des vêtements confortables !  Avec l’urbanisation de [...]

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Fashion History Seminar

On November 18th, 2016 took place the ' mode et patrimoine : Chanel, Chloé, Lacoste, Lesage' seminar at the Institut d'Histoire du Temps Présent in Paris. During this seminar, I attended four different House presentations on their different visions of the term heritage and all the work they did to maintain it. The first conference [...]

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