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Is Fashion really art?

Some might say fashion is a decorative or applied art as opposed to fine art. However Fashion is an art form that should be remembered. Fashion can tell what people wore at a certain period just as painting can represent a period in the History. Fashion is one of the purest expressions of art because [...]

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Will Lanvin rise from the ashes?

Even though the luxury house had a kind of revival in 2017, its turnovers and activity are decreasing since 2016. Lanvin’s people will not comment on what is happening but they still confirmed a found injection by its most important shareholder at the beginning of the year 2018. What happened? Albert Elbaz, Lanvin’s former artistic [...]

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The florentine tradition of leather and paper goods

Writing this article make me very proud. This because even if I haven’t been living stably in Florence for a good four years now, I am still attached to my hometown and believe its best features should be promoted whenever possible. Florence’s beauty, artistic patrimony and historical relevance are well know. Nevertheless, what happens away [...]

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The importance of having a clear message: the Chanel case

Whether you are an established luxury brand, a small niche one or you are thinking of building your own brand, there is one thing you must put a lot of attention into: the brand narrative. Studying brand management you will lear that a brand narrative can be authentic or altered to different degrees but what [...]

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Alaïa: a legacy

Last autumn the entire fashion world mourned the death of unconventional fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa. France lost an icon and many supermodels, designers and editors a dear friend. His great influence on fashion as a couturier as well as a person is undeniable. Here is what we learned from Mr. Alaïa. Follow your own conventions [...]

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China influencers and the social media crackdown

  For several years now, as social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo have increased in popularity in China, a space for bloggers and writers has emerged and gained importance among the Chinese consumers. A report, according by the online retail giant Alibaba’s Taobao, chinese superstar Fan Bingbing has generated $74 million USD in [...]

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Documentaires Mode

Les documentaires mode à voir absolument ! Iris d'Albert Maysles (2015): Une des figures les plus originales et les plus inspirantes de la mode. Entre muse  et business woman, elle frappe par son style plein d'humour et son intelligence. Ce documentaire la suit dans ses diverses activités, elle se rappelle lorsqu'elle était plus jeune, quand une femme dans la [...]

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Most iconic rivalities in fashion

Yves Saint Laurent & Karl LagarfeldHello coton Yves Saint Laurent & Karl Lagarfeld The career of Yves Saint Laurent is dazzling . He bacame Christian Dior's assistant and his successor, he creates his own fashion house with Pierre Bergé writing the legend that we know, all in less than ten years. Karl Lagerfeld, [...]

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LIFE : LVMH new sustainable plan

As a worldwide luxury group leader, focusing on a long-term vision of their activites, LVMH has a duty of examplarity regarding the sustainable development. That’s why LVMH created since 1992 an environment executive committee. The aim was to follow each House and develop a collective engagement with its.               [...]

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Luxury and second-hand: are they compatible?

If you are a fashion addict, and your bank account becomes to get tired of it, you may have already looked for another way to live your passion without financially dying. Maybe have you noticed that a lot of websites offer you the possibility to acquire luxury goods at a lower price? How is it [...]

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Fashion world transformation during the S.XX.

  Until the 60's, the world of fashion in general was reserved for white models. But in this decade that changed. There were two women who completely revolutionized the world of fashion and its appearance on the covers of some of the most important magazines in the world was a before and after to understand [...]

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Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de GivenchyAgnauta couture Figure to the divine symbolism, the muse renews the inspiration and the imagination of the creator. From historical personalities to celebrities today, these ambassadors embody the brand, embody the garment, instill a style or reveal an attitude. "Vanity Fair" looks back on these legendary tandems that [...]

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The force of high-end vintage

Over the last few years they have been popping up in every fashion-conscious city: high-end vintage boutiques. Bargain shoppers as well as the fashion in-crowd have been finding their way to 1970’s Saint Laurent and unique Louis Vuitton bags. Of course everyone loves a good deal, but why exactly are second-hand luxury items so popular? [...]

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La bataille des “méga-fashionshows”: a-t-on besoin d’être spectaculaire pour être mémorable ?

Aujourd’hui, les grandes Maisons de luxe se battent pour remporter le prix du défilé le plus grandiose. Mais cette victoire enclenche t-elle nécessairement une augmentation des ventes ? Dans quelle mesure le défilé a-t-il un impact sur la saison à venir? Alexandre De Betak, à la tête de Bureau Betak a dit « La mode ne [...]

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There are some bridal firms famous around the world as Pronovias or Rosa Clará, but there are other Spanish designers not so known that stand out for their elegance, glamor and romanticism ©Navascués Navascués Navascués is one of the best handcrafted ateliers for bridal dresses in Madrid.It´s characterized for its natural,fresh and romantic style. [...]


Would You Collaborate with These Brands?

Gucci Every item up for customization, every fabric to choose from, and even the placement of every insect and animal in the menagerie of available patches has been signed off on by the man who made all of it cool in the first place. “I tried to give them something slightly different, to allow them [...]

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Gucci, adapts to new generations creating emotions

  Products are important but also the experience of the purchase.   The new generations seek a shopping experience in which the product is only the beginning. The Z generation has completely changed their consumption habits and their lifestyle, which is why this has forced brands to change their strategies, brands must focus their products [...]

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These houses that master digitalcraft

Augmented reality has become one of the most wanted digital effects in the communication and marketing industry. Luxury is not an exception. Though luxury has always been a bit shy about technologic innovations and digital improvements in their service and product offers, this world is opening to new horizons. In order to improve their customer [...]

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The British top has the first supermodel that everyone wanted to seem Kate Moss has the gift of mixing and converting everything that goes into trend. She has one of the most envied locker rooms in the world, but she is very fond of vintage style and can see it with clothes she wore 15 years [...]


Millennials’ millions

Millennials are hot in luxury marketing. Every future-conscious brand is ready to focus on this new generation. They are a fast-growing and influential segment which already accounts for more than 17tn dollars of the global private wealth. Now it might be true that millennials are the future of luxury, but why exactly? We have summed [...]

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The famous french designer Christian Louboutin has collaborated with the indian modiste Sabyasachi to create an exclusive, ultra-limited edition capsule collection for women and men. ©Bekiamoda It is a shoes collection although there are also some accessories such as a bag and a clutch.For men predominates the moccasin that evokes traditional Indian wedding [...]


Les Journées Particulières LVMH

Les 12, 13 & 14 Octobre 2018 LES JOURNÉES PARTICULIÈRES  LVMH Créées par Antoine Arnault (Directeur général de Berluti, président de Loro Piana, fils de Bernard Arnault, propriétaire de LVMH) en 2011 dans le but de partager avec le public le la transparence du groupe et la diversité des métiers. Cet évènement unique au monde [...]

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Le Sur-mesure & le luxe

Les Maisons de Luxe doivent répondre aux désirs des client de personnaliser au plus près ses produits. Les grandes maisons de luxe dans les secteurs de la Haute couture, la Maroquinerie, la Joaillerie, l’Horlogerie pour répondre à cette demande incontournable, développent leurs collections de sur-mesure. Parmi les principales marques nous retrouvons notamment Louis Vuitton, Hermès, [...]

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Luxe et minimalisme

On connaissait le minimalisme dans la mode, il a fait son apparition dans les années 1990 avec Jil Sander et Helmut Lang pour ne citer qu’eux. Qu’en est il du minimalisme dans le luxe en général ? Y’a t - il un luxe minimaliste ? On peut parler de minimalisme quand il s’agit d’une manière de [...]

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And if someone told you that going to the laundry could be one of the coolest and most original plans? Only Hermes would be able to convert a laundry in something luxurious where everyone would like to go. With the name of Hermèsmatic the house has designed,totally based on its identity, a very chic laundry [...]

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Italian luxury and French luxury: allies or rivals?

I am an Italian living in Paris. French and Italians don’t like each other and to be completely honest they never have. I guess it is because they are geographically too close and way too similar in terms of personality. Unfortunately, this kind of similarity is not the good and healthy one but much more [...]

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Adieu Colette

colette ne peut exister sans Colette Le 20 décembre 2017 colette a fermé ses portes, après vingt ans de succès. Le premier concept store Parisien était un point de rencontre incontournable pour toute génération et nationalité confondue, colette était le lieu en vogue de la capitale, celui dont tout le monde parlait, celui qui faisait [...]

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Fortuny et l’invention du plissé moderne

L’exposition « Fortuny, un espagnol à Venise » a remis à l’honneur ce grand artiste d’origine espagnole que fut Mariano Fortuny. Fils du peintre Mariano Fortuny Y Marsal, Fortuny suivi les traces de son père et devint rapidement peintre. Il s'intéressera également à la gravure, à la photographie, au design et au textile. Il débuta  cette dernière [...]

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Franca Sozzani knew how to revolutionize the pillars of Vogue Franca saw much further, she knew that the magazine should be avant-garde and beyond the limits of their country, she wanted that the magazine was an example of modernity for all creating controversy with their images. Bruce Weber, Mario Testino, Steven Meisel or Peter Lindbergh, [...]

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Couture & Hip-Hop

Dans les années 1980, les marques de luxe étaient nécessaires pour les rappeurs, elles leur permettaient de montrer qu'ils avaient rompu avec la pauvreté et atteint la fortune de façon légale ou illégale. Dapper Dan with LL Cool J   Drake et Anna Wintour, first raw NY Fashion Week Quatre décennies après [...]

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Rétrospective Martin Margiela 2018

L’EXPOSITION MODE À NE PAS MANQUER EN 2018 Après de nombreuses expositions à Tokyo, New York et à Londres, le Palais Galliera devrait accueillir à Paris, une manifestation unique sur le très mystérieux couturier Belge, Martin Margiela. Connu pour sa discrétion et son style avant-gardiste, le célèbre créateur a révolutionné le monde de la mode [...]

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Les super modèles et leur influence

Les super modèles Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford pour le Vogue américain par Peter Lindbergh ©The Telegraph L'évolution des super modèles Apparues à la fin des années 80 et au début des années 90, les super modèles désignent ces mannequins qui marquent leur époque avec de multiples [...]

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