Cartier: why does the trinity have three rings?

Cartier: why does the trinity have three rings?

           Three rings. Three colours. Pink gold, yellow gold, grey gold as mysteriously as harmoniously interlaced.

            Jean Cocteau has designed the Trinity ring in 1924 for his friend Raymond Radiguet and Louis Cartier took care of its realisation. It has been considered as “the ring for homosexuals” for a long time but finally has been increasingly required as the marriage covenant by heterosexual couples.

Cartier Trinity

            Beyond its original conception and design, the Trinity contains a symbolic originality of which every ring carries the message. First of all, the Christian iconography generally represents the trinity of three interlocking circles. Secondly, regarding the rings, decoding is simple: a ring for the Father, one for the Son, one for the Spirit, the latter representing the love that unites both the first ones.

            Moreover, the three golds have their own signification too: the pink for love, the yellow for the loyalty and the grey for the friendship.

            Thus, the Trinity ring is full of symbols and messages that collide, unconsciously, with every amateur of jewels. It is certainly the reason why this ring still manages to cross the times with so much ease.

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