Cartier watchmaking conquering new generations

Cartier watchmaking conquering new generations

The digital era, new consumer tastes, financial crises and regional consumer booms have had an upsurge in sales to luxury watchmaking houses in recent years. The millennials had been recognized, among other things, for not using watches (luxury or not) because the cell phone gives them the time and they did not find the need to acquire one. However, luxury has that quality of being an object that you do not need but deeply desire. In addition, luxury is as visual as the millennial social network par excellence, Instagram. And finally the influencers are added, from whom nobody spares their power anymore.

Apparently, a story is emerging among millennials and luxury watches.

First of all, the marketing strategies of watchmaking houses have proven to be willing to take on the millennial challenge of disinterest. The CNN network reported last January, from the International Haute Horlogerie Show (SIHH) in Switzerland, a list of the launches of different brands aimed to this audience. Luxury designs with some modifications that help reduce prices to make them more attractive to the young market. For example Cartier, one of the favorite brands in luxury watches among millennials (according to the most recent survey of MVI Marketing, research agency and consultancy specializing in jewelry and accessories), launched the very elegant Cartier Extra Flat in steel at 5,600 Dollars. Previously this design was only sold in gold at a higher price. #DriveDeCartier have more than 4 thousand posts on Instagram today.

According to the report of Launchmetrics, a software and data analysis company, luxury brands should no longer think if they work with influencers, but rather should think about how to work with them. As of today #SantosDeCartier has more than 4 thousand posts on Instagram, while #BoldAndFearless is the same. Cartier traveled the press and influencers of all its markets for the celebration in San Francisco. Between them and the brand have generated all these posts with hundreds of thousands of likes.

The question would be, were millennials looking for luxury watches or were they looking for them? The answer is that they found themselves and are currently flirting on Instagram and in real life.