“Carrera Watch”, the new LVMH connected watch

“Carrera Watch”, the new LVMH connected watch

LVMH group enters on the connected watches market with Tag Heuer.

Designed under Android with Intel and Google, it competes direclty with Apple Watch, available between 1 400 and 4 500 euros.

Equipped with up to 1GB of main memory, a double heart chip rate at 1,6 Ghtz, the watch has notably a rate transflective technologie: in interior, LCD blaklit srceen, and in exterior, electronic link screen. So the legibility is excellent in all circumstances.

Technical feat, it has series of micro apps optimizing performances and accuracy. Case entirely made in titanuim and a saphir glasse, therefore it is almost impossible to scratch.

Customization is Carrera Connected’s core : 7 differents straps’s colors, possibility to choose many virtuals dials.

Carrera watch bénéficie de plus de 4000 applications sur Google play et est notamment compatible avec iOS.

However, the Carrera connected owner could exchange it against a Tag Heuer watch during the 2 guarantie’s years.

carrera2 carrera3


Sources: lvmh.fr / challenges.fr


Vanina Wolff-Paoli

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