Cannes Festival: Christmas time for celebrities

Cannes Festival: Christmas time for celebrities

Marion-Cotillard-lors-du-66e-Festival-de-Cannes-le-20-mai-2013_portrait_w858 natalie-portman-et-benjamin-millepied-au-festival-de-cannes-2015-1_5338433The Cannes Festival is very famous for its mounted of the red carpet by all the biggest celebrities of the world.

Journalists are everywhere. La Croisette is the place to be at this time of the year.

It’s a real opportunity for the luxury brand to advertise.

That is why they offer products like necklaces, dresses, leather goods to the people. Some stars will leave the festival with 30.000$ of presents. A big figures but nothing compared to the benefice that the brands will realise thanks to the publicity of this festival.


JuPhotolie Huvé