Cannabis Beauty Defined targets luxury cosmetics:

Cannabis Beauty Defined targets luxury cosmetics:

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In the women’s cosmetic world, a business can take two samples of the same product, dress up one of those samples in trendy packaging that speaks to today’s taste-makers while furthering the youth and beauty in a bottle idea. That sassy-looking sample just became this year’s must-have fashion accessory.


When it comes to luxury cosmetics branding, Cannabis Beauty Defined is definitely onto something. This family of CBD-rich, anti-aging cosmetics, appropriately contained in tasteful blue containers and stamped with a refined logo, is tailor-made for the discriminating female hemp consumer.

But, the actual performance of these products certainly will vary from one body to the next. It’s also important to note that although these are herbal products and hemp has been shown to be Omega and protein rich, there is little scientific evidence to prove its health or anti-aging benefits.


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