Can the IPhone be considered as luxury item

Can the IPhone be considered as luxury item

What is a luxury items? Everybody has its own definition of it. Here, let’s focus on Smartphone and especially the IPhone. Are smartphones luxury items?

What does a brand need to be called a luxury brand? gold_iphone_51

Not every brand can be positioned as luxury. In order to be considered as a luxury item, brands need some particular attributes: a high price, best quality, rarity, history, recognition signs and symbolism (non exhaustive list).

 Apple is taking a turn in their strategy becoming a luxury company. Apple’s positioning is inspired by luxury brand. First we can look at the high price of a « simple product ». Secondly Apple hired people from luxury brands such as Burberry or Saint Laurent. At the beginning of 2014, Angela Arhendts CEO of Burberry has joined the company. A few months earlier it was Paul Deneve who joined Apple.Apple

Third, with their stores, their packaging they borrowed the luxury codes to apply them for Apple. Finally Apple had launched some exclusive and luxurious product such as the Gold Swarovski IPhone 5, The Continental IPhone 5 Rose Gold Collection, the Gold Superstar IPhone 5 and the Stuart Hughes Black Diamond IPhone 5.


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