Can every product become a luxury object ?

Can every product become a luxury object ?

Luxury is considered to be an exclusive status symbol.
The concept of luxury has been widely debated in human history, and there are many different kinds of definitions of luxe.

This subjective concept make us think that all furniture can become luxury goods.
For example, after the World War, television was considered to be a luxury product.

The harder is it to find, the more exclusive it becomes.
Each object, sometimes, in some context can become luxury goods.

Vertu understood it, and the owner of the brand ask himself «  why can people buy watch for million of dollars, and not a phone ? ». That is how this brand was created.
Phone, but although food can become luxury goods. Caviar is for example rare and exclusive.

However luxury objects are usually separate in few main parts : « ready-to-wear », « leather goods», « wine and spirit », « cosmetics »,  « jewelry and watches ».


Camille PEROIS

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