Café Places in Seoul, Korea

Café Places in Seoul, Korea

Real Luxury comes from the attitude not being obsessed but enjoying the time. Dessert or Food at a good place can give you the moment to enjoy the time. Here are the good places for you.


Bear Café

Bear café is located in a quite residential area Seoul. The best thing of Bear café is its interior. It is the mixture of Korean traditional house Hanok and western minimal interior.

So when you get in you can feel tranquil emotion. And with some dessert, you can also look around books from Bear company. This surely is perfect place for enjoying the time.



Underyard is located in Cheongdam Seoul, South Korea. It is a small café and it’s not easy to find it because it is located in a residential area. However, surely it is worthy to visit. There is not only coffee but also brunch menu. Underyard uses fresh ingredients and you can feel it when you try one of the menu.


On ne sait jamais: 옹느세자매

On ne sait jamais is located in a quite backstreet of Itaewon Seoul. The name of the café is the French from the novel Little Prince meaning nobody knows. Café On ne sait jamais is a dessert shop. It has unique shop interior concept; baths. There are about 40 unique desserts. It doesn’t have whipping crème based dessert. Showing new menu using the material that they think is good at that time is its making style.



Maisonmo is located in q quite residential area. Two Patissiers who had long career for Patisseries in France and Japan. They show from very classical bisquit to desserts up-to-date, about 40 kinds of desserts. The signature menu of Maisonmo is Monblancmo whose production process is trick with long production time so, in a day there are only 6 Montblacmo. Therefore, it would be better to visit early and experience the new world of dessert.


Eugene Song

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