Cacharel Universe

Cacharel Universe

Cacharel is a French ready-to-wear brand particularly known for his very special universe. The visual identity of the House is very specific. It has been created and developed thanks to different people.

First of all, the stylist Corinne Sarrut is one of the first stylists who give to Ca10881670_10152540328702742_647002651956013215_ncharel his own design style such as prints, flowers prints.

In 1968, Jean Bousquet, Cacharel founder, met the photographer Sarah Moon. Together they create a romantic and poetical universe. In fact, Sarah Moon was already famous for her dreamy and enchanting photographs, using fuzzy style, which fit completely Cacharel. She will be in charge of the add pictures of the brand for several years.

A last element is part of its identity: the print. At the end of the sixties, are created the first Liberty Blouses and it is during the seventies that they become a symbol of the house.


All the prints are unique. A team part of the creative division is dedicated to create prints so that every piece is special.

The target is easily recognisable: dynamic woman who wants to differentiate herself. She likes fashion and is fond of following new trends. She is dreamy but ambitious and wants to show her personality through her clothes and prints. She is a free woman.



Cacharel breathes of freedom and uniqueness. Its target reflects the spirit of the brand and represents a state of mind.


Aurélie Glaudot