Burberry the successful brand transformations

Burberry the successful brand transformations



Burberry is one of the brand that success in rebranding ,with its ability to adapt current styles while still keeping its enrich history. The company keep launching digital marketing initiatives to bring the brand from the dusty attic to fresh relevancy with a new generation. Burberry became known for its high-profile celebrity endorsements. With its classy yet groundbreaking and highly inclusive approach to social media, Burberry became the first luxury brand to hit 10 million likes on Facebook.

Burberry 2What make the successful to the brand are that  Burberry focused on their key iconic assets, repositioning themselves as a luxury brand and moving away from creating products for the masses , creating a digital culture with unique digital content that bring people closer to the brand.

The strategy that are increasing the brand customer value proposition, the importance of consumer interaction, implying that  every experience a customer has with the brand will determine their next .It is interesting How Burberry introduce an emotion into technology that they would fall in love with the brand , break through the traditional way of advertising , build up the connection with the brand, do something very engaging and personal. Marketing activity are connected to the value chain of the brand and that finally convert into sales.


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