Burberry, the perfect British Style

Burberry, the perfect British Style


Something that has always been there, that does not call for discussion.

Not a moment we call or come to its characteristics. The creator, a British Tomas Burberry, suffers from rheumatism and the English climate only accentuates his torment.

He wants to create clothing to protect from the cold and moisture while remaining comfortable and lightweight.

1896 marks the official birth of the Trench Coat. Tomas Burberry was commissioned by the Department of English defence make coats for officers on the front.

An RAF officer wrote to Thomas Burberry: “During the first war, I came into the Manche with the Burberry trench coat. I had to abandon it. I was told a week later, and, although he stayed five days in the water, I wore it again and it is still impeccable. “.

In 1989 the brand becomes the official supplier of the royal family. Since the trench so “British” is hypertraditionaliste has become a figure of the house Burberry.

To each his own, both the same as others and different, unique.




                                         Valentine Perreaux

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