Branding in Luxury is Much More Important Than You Thought

Branding in Luxury is Much More Important Than You Thought

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You have your best friend’s birthday coming up in a week, and you really want to buy her a nice gift. The first thing you think of is the brand, not the product. If that’s not the case, you would think of all of the things she likes, however, in that certain brand umbrella.

But how come you thought of this particular brand for your friend?

It’s simple.

The individual’s awareness of the world is made up of experiences, learning, emotions and perceptions, or in other words, cognitive evaluations of such experiences. Thus the brand has developed a personality, associating the consumer’s emotions and experiences towards the brand’s story, heritage, and values. This image obviously creates an individual’s preference and motivation towards products as it will provide a pull effect resulting in different demand schedules.

One can identify that the brand is successful when it’s been able to achieve an associate its personality with that of the customer’s, until they feel that they cannot imagine their lives without this brands. It becomes a part of their lifestyle.

Thus it’s safe to say that there can be no luxury without branding.

Danielle Chucri

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