Brand heritage manager: a new job in the luxury sector

Brand heritage manager: a new job in the luxury sector

Came from the United States of America, there is a new job in the luxury sector: Brand Heritage Manager. It is between artistic director and marketing departments.breguet_louvre-thumb-250x263-23618

Giant luxury Houses reinvest more and more in their past and heritage to create patrimonial marketing services, called to contribute to the development of their brands.

In the luxury field, the identity is the most important added value. Indeed, today most of brands are owned by international groups like Richemont or LVMH, and people can forget the real identity of each brand.

This new job is about recreating the link between those brands and their creators.cartier_expo_1

The results of this new concept can be on different forms. We can see more and more exhibitions, like Cartier at the Grand Palais, or Breguet at the Louvre. But we can also talk about Chanel, which has bought the former villa of its Coco founder.

Actually, a master of public history of companies and institutions has just been opened at the University Paris – Est Créteil, Val-de-Marne, to form those new kind of historians.


JPhotoulie Huvé

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