Brand exposition in 2016

Brand exposition in 2016

The exhibition Karl Lagerfeld, A Visual Journey explores the wide variety of patterns, approaches and techniques that defines the very personal interpretation that makes Karl Lagerfeld photography.

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It highlights the many attractions of Lagerfeld: architecture, landscapes, night Paris, portraits and self-portraits, fashion photography and abstraction.

Lagerfeld, adapts his photographic style depending on the subject: “People always want to know what my photographic style. I do not know, he says. It is the observer to tell me. I do not have a style, but several, or none. Never stand still, neither in life nor in fashion and photography. “


For him, a picture is not just an image but a visual object whose identity depends techniques that gave it  birth. Karl Lagerfeld, A Visual Journey presents and all photographic techniques Lagerfeld.

Julie Haquette

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