Boucheron – The Serpent Collection

Boucheron – The Serpent Collection


Boucheron is the maison with a great love story in the background. In 1888, Frederic Boucheron felt in love with the beautiful women, which was supposed to become his wife – Gabrielle. One day he decided to create a special necklace for her. It was very particular design, because it was a inspired by the snake. The necklace was laying all around Gabrielle’s neck. It was suppose to be a symbol of protection. A snake was taking care about Frederic’s wife, when he was not around her. Since this creation it started to be a symbol of Boucheron. It became symbol of protection and talisman of the brand.



Representing the spirit of the Boucheron, right now, brand offers multiple choice of the products inspired by this legendary master piece. It is reminding the history of its creation playing with the modern shapes showing the savior-faire of the incredible jewelry house.

The Boucheron jewellery makers are taking care about the products to correspond with the famous necklace. It is still keeping the design with the snake skin looking like surface filled with beautiful diamonds.

The mythical collection embodies the spirit of the BOHEME, freedom of thoughts mixed with the classical elegance and discreet design. It is the melange of simplicity and interesting pattern over the jewelry pieces.

Inside the boutique, the qualified staff is telling us the story of its collection creation, explaining how all the details are important and the high craftsmanship skills.


This ancient motif present the snake head and the snake skin. Everything is filled in with little diamonds. This extremely detailed pieces represent the great passion and  150 years of skills development of the maison Boucheron. The different sizes allow clients to choose if they prefer more discreet or bigger jewelry. There are neckless, earrings, watches, rings etc. created align with the SERPENT BOHEME spirit.

Boucheron Serpent Boheme collection





Olga Oplotna

Olga Oplotna


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