Bordeaux The Red – Home Of The Most Superb Grapes

Bordeaux The Red – Home Of The Most Superb Grapes

Located in the southern part of western France on the Atlantic coast, the Bordeaux region produces France’s famous red Bordeaux wines. The Gironde Estuary and its two major rivers, the Dordogne and the Garonne, run through the heart of the region.




Bordeaux is well-known as a great wine region because of its most superb reds, legendary and long-lived wines made by historic wine estates. In French they are called “châteaux”. Some of them exist for several decades already. The majority (about 75 to 80%) of Bordeaux’s wines are red.


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Special Bordeaux wines start at $30 a bottle retail, and can go up to about $800 a bottle and more for rare wines such as a the Château Pétrus — with older, fine vintages of the greatest and rarest wines.



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