Booming market : sales of properties celebrities

Booming market : sales of properties celebrities

What is the link between Matthew Perry, Matt Damon, Céline Dion or Puff Daddy ?

All of them are trying to sell their homes.

Whether you are more view of Central Park, Villa in Malibu or an apartment with a view across Florida, do not panic, international stars are likely to put their dream villas for sale, and there are bargains to do.

The past two years we have seen many sales areas of exception, often belonging to celebrities.

But why are they separate from their property?

In number one reason we could discuss the crisis, indeed it pushing some to sell their property in order to gain financial peace of mind, but in most cases this is because they had gained flow a much larger, more mind-boggling and therefore more expensive property.

This non-crisis that celebrities have by buying their goods bring real life to real estate economy, because in times of crisis, property, once purchased at high prices are now much cheaper, and allow some to offer the home of their dreams.

For example, the New York apartment of rapper Puff Daddy has undergone a discount of half a million. Or what about the video made to sell the sumptuous villa of Celine Dion.

Our celebrities never cease to amaze us, and offering their properties to sell, leaves an open door for us afford to dream.

Hugo Bourgeois

Hugo Bourgeois

“Luxury means to live free of conventions and expectations.” – Anton Wolfgang Count Faber-Castell.

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