Body-positivity accounts that will rock your world

Body-positivity accounts that will rock your world

Body positivity is hot. More and more people are becoming aware of how important it is to be comfortable in your skin and that you absolutely do not have to meet a certain size in order to feel good and be beautiful. Because we are so happy seeing more and more body positive-movements around us, we like to list a few Instagram accounts that are definitely worth a visit.

Anyone who is familiar in the world of body positivity is undoubtedly familiar with Megan. Besides the fact that we are already very happy with her photos (and her!), she also shares the nicest quotes about body positivity.

Source: Instagram, @bodyposipanda

Nadia Aboulhosn
The Lebanese/American fashion blogger is more than just a pretty face. She started her design career off by making collections for the American fashion line boohoo, Additional Elle and Lord & Taylor. Her own clothing line, by nadia aboulhosn, stands for embracing every aspect of yourself. The 30-year old is also a model and has been featured in Vogue Italia, Complex Magazine, Refinery29, Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue, American Apparel, and BuzzFeed.

Source: Instagram, @nadiaaboulhosn

Kate Wasley
Besides the fact that Kate is beautiful, her attitude towards her body fantastic. She regularly poses with her ‘skinny’ girlfriend Georgia, to show that both bodies are beautiful. She also realizes that a body is so much more than a size. She writes under a post:
“We all have so much more to offer this world than just our bodies and physical beauty regardless of the pressures put on everyone, (men and women alike) to look a certain way. Being physically healthy is so so important, but so is your mental health. Don’t let your brain morph your body into something you hate. Be kind to yourself.”

Source: Instagram, @katewas_

Ashley Graham
Although it may be a cliché, Ashley should not be missing in this list. She was one of the first plussize models and has opened doors for every plussize model that came after her. With millions of followers, she is one of the most loved and celebrated model in the industry. From modeling, designing for big brands to hosting and having her own podcast, Ashley has done it all.

Source: Instagram, @ashleygraham