Bloggers and Social Media = Cost Effective Branding

Bloggers and Social Media = Cost Effective Branding

A new marketing strategy has unveiled itself in the last few years. Famous Cosmetic brands used to depend on advertisements with attractive models or a brand ambassador (that is a famous actress or singer who can influence the audience) to try or purchase the product.

Since the rise of “Youtube stars”, cosmetic brands have been using famous make-up bloggers to advertise their products. There are several procedures for this kind of marketing. Brands will either pay the blogger to review their products in a positive way, which would influence the viewers to purchase them. Alternatively, every time a brand is about to launch a new product, they send them first to famous influencers for them to try them and review them honestly.

This new strategy in turn, has been a successful and creative one, that is implemented by cosmetic brands to promote their products – through positive word of mouth – to their current and prospective customers. The success of using influencers is mainly attributed to the fact they are more relatable and approachable to the consumer through social media platforms.


Mirna Zook

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