Luxury and Z Generation

The challenge facing brands and Luxury Homes at a time when retail is still Rainier is that of generating envy and commitment on the part of Generation Z. A major mission, as necessary as it is rich in challenges. Regarding the authenticity Ultra-solicited, volatile, Digital Natives - GenZ in particular - would place sincerity as [...]

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How street culture influences luxury brands ?

For long, luxe and street culture have been walking their own pasts. Born in the 70’s in the suburbs of big American cities, street culture are with no doubt the biggest art revolution since Marcel Duchamp. What start with graffiti on the wall of Philadelphia building in the 60’s is now the driving sales force [...]

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High time to end sexual harassment in the fashion industry

Sexual harassment and sexual misconduct problems towards models has always been known and ignored in the fashion industry. Models, under the influence of powerful fashion figures, are scared to speak against their abusers. However, today more and more models speak and denounce what is really happening in this industry. Early 2018, the #MeToo campaign has [...]

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They are the sustainable fashion

With beautiful products, innovative materials and a strong opinion, there are women who change the fashion industry. From pollution and exploitation, to clean and fair. And without making concessions to their principles. Thanks to them, we all know now that fashion and sustainability go very well together. Stella McCartney While the collections of Stella McCartney [...]

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Phenomenon of Gosha Rubchinskiy brand

There are many different ways how you can treat the works of Gosha Rubchinsky, it can be criticised for its price policy, for the “ugliness” he is promoting, but it’s impossible not to acknowledge the fact that today he is the most famous Russian designer abroad. To the notorious matryoshka-vodka-balalaika, his name can be added. [...]

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The Young Sneaker King

Benjamin Kicks is an 19-year-old entrepreneur who made millions selling rare sneakers to celebrities and on his website ( He is the biggest sneaker reseller in the world with a market value of 1.2 billion dollars. He started his career at 15 buying and selling shoes. The first pair he ever bought was the Galaxy [...]

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Luxury and the digital age

Nowadays we are living in a digital age in which everything is about social media and being online. Brands try to keep up with this age and adjust their strategies, but Luxury houses ignored these changes for a long while. Because of this Luxury brands are now falling behind and barely able to keep with [...]

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Marketing and Magic

New-York, the world's #1 place in luxury goods' consumption If we look back into humankind’s history, we will notice value is getting more and more disconnected from what it evaluates. The financial worth of something used to be linked to its scarcity. The jewels or the gold on kings’ crowns were hard to [...]

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Empowerment in luxury

Currently, the terms empowerment are common and recurrent, as well as their derivations and links to various groups, attitudes, lifestyles, even traditional and emerging segments. However, it is necessary to specify and resignify this era of empowerment in the luxury area. Every context of empowerment arises from the need, in most cases, to [...]

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Interview at Guerlain store with employee Rémy

Guerlain is a French perfume house, launched in 1828 by Pierre Francois Pascal Guerlain (Wikipedia, 2018). Besides perfume, Guerlain also sells make-up and skincare. Guerlain has one main store (flagship) which is located at the Champs-Elysee, Paris. Besides the products, Guerlain also show its heritage on the first floor. Customers can visit the work office [...]

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The everchanging image of fashion: then to now

Although it may not seem that way, fashion changes every day. New inspiration, looks and influences are taking the street. However, much of this inspiration comes from fashion eras of the past. So many fashion trends are influenced by the last 100 years. So let us take a look at the image of fashion from [...]

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Chanel: betting on content marketing

Great icons of haute couture and jewelry create impressive films and interactive platforms to publicize their trajectory, consolidate their brand identity and connect with their followers. Since 2013, Chanel launched her online project Inside Chanel, a nine-page web series that tells the story of Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel, the influence her life had on her style [...]

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Gen Z : a big challenge for Luxury Brand

At this time when retail don’t stop evaluating, a new challenge waiting for Luxury brands: Generate desire and engagement from the Gen Z.  Generation Z is the demographic cohort following Generation Y. The dates given for Generation Z range from the mid-1990s through the second decade of this century. They are very volatile and want [...]

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Luxury trends in Spain

In spite of all the crises that fault Spain during the 21st century the emergence of luxury and the economic growth of this country is really important since 2015. If we focus on the European countries, Spain occupies the fifth row in the luxury market within the European Union, behind France, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. [...]

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To’ak Chocolate, the result of a unique story started in Ecuador

To'ak was born out of a rainforest conservation project that began in 2007 in a province of Ecuador. Jerry Toth, co-founder of the company, begins growing cocoa trees and making chocolate in a bamboo thatch house, without electricity, right in the middle of the Jama-Coaque reserve. Alone, he makes his first experiences of manufacturing and [...]

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XOXO, Gossip Girl

Private helicopters, private cars, private butlers and designer clothes; Serena and Blair are living the Luxury life. They live in Manhattan, one of the most expensive places to live in New York City. Every family has their own housekeeper and their own driver. Every girl between the age of 15-20 is dreaming about the extravagant [...]

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Phygital : when virtual is no longer enough

Phygital, is  the contraction of "Physics" & "Digital". It refers to the transformation of physical stores under the digital age to offer a new customer experience and use digital tools as sales support in order to develop the commercial performance. Stores need to adapt offline and online, and should keep in mind that e-commerce has [...]

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Luxury sector against counterfeiting

  Counterfeiting has a considerable economic impact because it represents 5 to 10% of world trade. The luxury sector is the priority target of counterfeiters. They find, thanks to the explosion of online commerce a distribution channel of their goods with certain advantages including a limited risk, the possibility of reaching a global market, reduced [...]

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Luxury and veganism

Let's start by defining what is Veganism: it's the fact to refuse consuming products coming from animal exploitation. It exists in food&beverage, fashion, home decoration etc. As you may know, Veganism took an important place in the world in general but especially in luxury. Thanks to organisms like PETA, people are now aware of the [...]

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Up in the Seventh heaven

In the luxury hospitality field, rooftops have an irresistible attraction. This craze for rooftops is not ready to stop. Whether for a drink, relaxing around a swimming pool, watching a sunset, attending a party or attending a yoga class, rooftops are a hit in the hospitality sector. Here the selection of the top 10 most [...]

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Interview; freelance fashion and beauty photographer, Roza Okcuoglu

Tell me a little about yourself and what you do Hi, my name is Roza Okcuoglu and I call myself a Freelance Visual Content Producer. My goal is to optimize the communication of companies in the form of visual content. Imagine that a company wants to sell products online, for this they need a web [...]

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Meghan Markle’s Wedding Tiara

Without exaggeration, May 19, 2018, was the day of rebirth of Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara. Most experts agreed that Megan Markle should receive a tiara as a gift from Prince Charles, the groom's father since she did not have her own family tiara. Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau TiaraSource: Getty Images Megan's wedding [...]

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Horizontal diversification in Luxury

What is exactly horizontal diversification ? When you google it, the first definition to pop-up is the following : « a type of diversification under which a firm develops or acquires new products that are different from its core business or technology, but which may appeal to its current customers. » The idea is to enlarge the [...]

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Music and luxury collaborations A major collaboration between Frieze and Gucci, Second Summer of Love is a new series of films exploring the year 1988’s enduring impact on international contemporary culture. Music has always been part of the culture and identity of every person. As a Luxury brand, the merge and collaboration with bands is a very [...]

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Interview in Gucci store P.C. Hooftstraat, Amsterdam with employee Iris

Gucci is an Italian Luxury fashion brand, created in 1921 by Guccio Gucci (Wikipedia, 2018). They have for woman, men and also children a great collection of bags, clothing, shoes, accessories, watches and jewellery, home collection and beauty. In 2017, Gucci was the most search Luxury brand online and also most selling luxury brand (Prant, [...]

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Importance of heritage in luxury brands

When looking at luxury brands, most of them are carrying a lot of history. Heritage is one of the most important additions of a luxury brand as it adds depth, authenticity and credibility to the brand. The power of storytelling can contribute to a stronger brand loyalty. The most important characteristics of an HLB (heritage [...]

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3 reasons to visit Bali

Over the last couple of years, the Indonesian island Bali has become one of the number one destinations for travel lovers, due to its affordability and its extraordinary location. Here are 3 reasons why you should visit Bali on your next holidays.   A luxury destination Bali is a brand new luxury destination and has [...]

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Cartier watchmaking conquering new generations

The digital era, new consumer tastes, financial crises and regional consumer booms have had an upsurge in sales to luxury watchmaking houses in recent years. The millennials had been recognized, among other things, for not using watches (luxury or not) because the cell phone gives them the time and they did not find the need [...]

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Luxury loves new technology

« La mode est un rendez-vous avec le temps (...) L'avenir appartient à ceux qui utiliseront les technologies de leur temps et satisferont les besoins et les envies des consommateurs. » Pierre Bergé Although, rooted in the tradition, Luxury has always loved technology innovation if these one provides to offer a privileged experience to the [...]

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Salvador Dali and jewelry

Salvador Dali is one of the most famous impressionist drawers of the 19th century. Salvador Dali was not only considered as a painter and a sculptor of renamed but was also known to be a goldsimth of quality. If you go to Figuera you can find the Museum of Dali but also an incredible exposition [...]

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