Bitcoin and luxury

Bitcoin and luxury


In the early part of the decade bitcoin and a similar breed of cryptocurrencies where developed many high educated individuals dismissed them as a fad.  digital money was seen as a w

ay to purchase illicit items.

After a decade of being introduced, we now see its permanence with the sale of luxury items for bitcoins.  with an increase in value for the bitcoin, more industries are using it; including Microsoft and Paypal.  a market with a new niche for bitcoins is the investing art industry.











accepting bitcoins as a method of payment is the future of businesses, one financial professional goes on to say that a piece of art is similar to bitcoin, where some are buying goods with bitcoin others are just holdingit as an asset example gold.  accepting cryptocurrency is a new way to increase the client base, introducing more possibilities, for example a speedy transaction and lower fees compared to that of credit cards.  deregulation and decentralization are bitcoins central characteristics and give it

a libertarian appeal, which makes it an exciting way to get involved in all sorts of trade.