Best coffee beans in the world

Best coffee beans in the world

In Indonesia : there is the coffee of all the superlatives, the most expensive, the rarest, the best and also the most unusual coffee. You may have already heard of the most expensive coffee in the world. It can sell up to € 1000 per kg or $ 60 a cup in Australia for example, but do you know how this coffee is produced?

It is precisely the manufacturing process that makes the reputation, the rarity and the price of this exceptional coffee!

Everything begins in a coffee plantation, when the coffee tree produces its fruits within which is the famous seed that interests us. These small red fruits attract a small animal: the paradoxurus hermaphroditus! For the Indonesian version, shorter and simpler: luwak (pronounced louwak). Basically it is an animal between the cat and the weasel. In Indonesian, coffee is called “kopi”, this famous coffee is called KOPI LUWAK!

The luwak loves the fruit of the coffee! He feeds on the flesh of the fruits but also swallows the seed that he will not be able to digest. This is where the process becomes somewhat disgusting … The coffee growers pick up the droppings of this animal to recover the coffee beans. Hence a small name for “café crotte”, “coffee poo” or “cat poop coffee”.

The luwak can not completely digest the coffee bean but the digestive juices of his stomach will still attack the surface of the seed. It is actually this part of the process that will make the particularity of this coffee so rare. It becomes much less acidic!

Obviously, the coffee is picked up in the droppings of these animals then it is cleaned, dehulled by hand, roasted in the pan and finally ground before use. The result is quite exceptional, we get a coffee with a very balanced, very sweet aroma profile. Neither too acid nor too bitter!

Let’s try it !

 Anissa CHABBA