Berlin a new capital of gastronomy

Berlin a new capital of gastronomy

507b45ecc3f73b1a73646f5c813d0271_large Although Berlin has never been known for its gastronomy, since few years, the capital is getting a new revival.This is why some well known chefs, decided on purpose to come to Berlin to open a new restaurant.moving_to_berlin

That’s what happened to Pierre Gagnaire, he opened in the Hotel Waldorf Astoria, the restaurant named «  Les Solistes ». Only a year later, he has been reward with a Michel star, and this is with a lot of pride, that he promise to create new recipe by putting the essence of the capital.

We can count in Germany 333 Michelin stars, allocated in 11 different restaurants. Moreover the gastronomic cuisine in Berlin, is developing itself constantly and we are still expecting more and more.

Here is Berlin, new capital of Gastronomy.antropoti-VIP-CLUB-CONCIERGE-SERVICE-RESTAURANTS-ZAGREB-private-chefs

Marta Rubesa