’Beacon’’ Uber For The Skies

’Beacon’’ Uber For The Skies

You have probably heard by Uber, and you probably use it as well. But have you heard about Beacon? This the ultimate form of travel. Beacon is an aviation start-up that launched flights in September and offers the unlimited private air travel to customers on the east coast (New York, Boston, Nantucket or the Hamptons), whenever they want it.


How would you feel about this new method of transportation? Being able to travel with convenience with a company that can book up to four flights at once, for a monthly membership fee of $2,000 US dollars. By using your mobile app, it takes mere seconds to pick departure/arrival cities and confirm availability, and you can do this up to 15 minutes before takeoff, in order to secure a seat. Another amazing factor about this innovative app is that you don’t have to suffer through long security lines – ‘Beacon’ does prior checks to ensure customers are cleared from the No Fly list

Now, after this entire perfect trip, there are unfortunately two downsides: First there’s no Wi-Fi and second no flight attendant to ply you with drinks. But then again, flight time from New York to Boston for example is only around 35 minutes. Beacon has plans to expand to Washington, and also identified potential markets in Australia, Europe and China. Hopefully we will hear from it very soon.

Sara Costa