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The world of our generation has never been so uncertain, a climate of uncertainty, anxiety about terrorism, an economic crisis that has continued since 2008. The outlook does not seem more open in the world of fashion. Few decades have seen so many different currents, without anything new, with the exception of techno-sewing which adapts [...]

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How Fashion Became Fashionable

At the Universal Exhibition of 1900 in Paris, French haute couture met for the first time a triumphant success. In the Elegance Pavilion, some well-selected couture houses, including Worth and Doucet, who dressed actors such as Eleonord Duse and Sarah Bernhardt, presented their creations to an international audience. From the 18th century Paris was considered [...]

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Claudia, Cindy, Naomi the pré 2.0

Lorsque Versace fait défiler en même temps les top models Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell et Cindy Crawford dans les années 1990, il résume cette époque de consommation effrénée, de glamour pur et dur et rend ses mannequins mondialement célèbres.   L’histoire de ces tops débute dans les années 1980, lorsque le trio Linda, [...]

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Mai 68, The liberation of the women

Her hair stitched with flowers, sandals on her feet and a smile on her lips. Young idealists of the 1960s. Their utopia seemed to want to be realized; The future belongs to youth and its Peace & Love philosophy. But economic growth is starting to decline and unemployment is increasing. Students are worried about their [...]

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A Chameleon named Karl Lagerfeld

When we wonder about Karl Lagerfeld, we finally know little about this fashion gentleman who lives a hundred miles an hour.   Certainly no one speaks faster than he does (and that in four languages), but he delivers little on him. There is no insured data either on his date of birth (he came into [...]

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Christian Dior

On February 12, 1947 Christian Dior presented his first haute couture collection. Rounded shapes, sizes as fragile and skirts to prodigal width. This line appeared in the aftermath of the provocative but also refreshing war.  "It's a revolution" or "Your dresses have such a new look" said the reporters. Thus from its line Corolle, appeared [...]

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God Save Galliano

The prodigy child of fashion.   A rusty key opened John Galliano's door to success. It led to a dilapidated Parisian property of the 18th century, in which the young fashion designer could show his collection. Within two weeks he designed and produced 17 outfits, all in black because he had neither the time nor the [...]

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Louis Vuitton – Case Cross the World

Some encounters, often fortuitous and capital, can upset an existence. The history of Louis Vuitton is in this respect truly exemplary. When he was 13 years old in the Parisian capital, he found a job by being a clerk and apprentice to a well-known truck-maker, Monsieur Marechal. During this work, Louis Vuitton has the opportunity to [...]

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Burberry, the perfect British Style

      Something that has always been there, that does not call for discussion. Not a moment we call or come to its characteristics. The creator, a British Tomas Burberry, suffers from rheumatism and the English climate only accentuates his torment. He wants to create clothing to protect from the cold and moisture while remaining [...]

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From Gabrielle Chanel to Picasso to Jean-Paul Gauthier…

La marinière Fashion is also made of stereotypes, which often reflect the reality. One can imagine the typical profile of the typical Frenchman, a beret, a wand under his arm, a Gauloises between his fingers and a white jersey with blue stripes, with three-quarter sleeves and a boat neck. The Breton jersey, or marinière, has [...]

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Kelly by Hermès, a royal destiny

As it should be, the birth of a legend is often enveloped in an aura of mystery and uncertainty. This is the case for what is widely regarded as the most cult bag for half a century. Robert Dumas, member of specialized Parisian leather goods in articles for horses and travel, created the belt Travel [...]

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Number 5, a lucky day for all the live.

"I'm launching my collection on May 5, the fifth of the month of the year, let him have the number he wears, and this number 5 will give him a chance." Gabrielle Chanel It can be said that there is one before and one after No. 5. Coco Chanel has forever disrupted the undistribution of [...]

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The feminist reign

  Nina Al Mussawy Dior's first artistic director, the Italian Maria Grazia Chiuri proclaimed her feminism during her inaugural parade for the Parisian house on Friday, when unexpected silhouettes of fencers rubbed shoulders with light embroidered tulle dresses. "We should all be feminists" ("We should all be feminists"): the message was printed in [...]

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The choker, or “dog collar”

Accessory star of the 90's, the chocker was since dethroned by the long necklaces and other jewelry. Yet it seems that this emblematic necklace necklace did not say his last word. He returned, last year, in his version "false tattoo". An accessory that we loved enormously during our teenage years. Today, the choker returns and [...]

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The luxury of the revolution

Historical capital of fashion and haute couture, Paris has to face the new problems of the industry. Debates on the immediate sale of collections (the "see now / buy now") and the mutations engendered by social networks are causing the old system to explode. In this uncertain context, the designers who parade in Paris concentrate [...]

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Tagwalk: the new fashion of search engine

How to find an accessory or a dress spotted on the catwalks of fashion weeks and resorts, from Paris to New York, passing through London and Milan? Nothing could be simpler, thanks to the new tool called Tag Walk, created under the leadership of Alexandra Van Houtte, assistant stylist passed by Number, Glamor etc. Equipped [...]

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LVMH wants to invest heavily in digital

The owner of Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior firmly believed in the possibility of setting up companies that would only operate on the web: for example, he wanted to launch an online bank; The project was called Thebank. Luxury has put a lot of resistance to appropriating the multiple possibilities of the internet during the [...]

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The economics numbers of fashion in France

Population: 66.2 million Work Force: 30.05 million Rate of unemployment: 9.9% GDP per capita: 48 648 euros National value of the fashion sector: 48 trillion euros Fashion jobs: 580,000 Numbe r of employees in the fashion retail industry: 201,000 Number of employees in the shoe retail industry: 27,500 Number of employees in the clothing retail [...]

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Lafayette Gallery: revenues down in July

The decline in Galeries Lafayette, which worsened during the summer and early September, reached 20 percent compared to the same period last year. While sales in July have slightly increased the figures, the month of August was much calmer ... and September was difficult, said the CEO Nicolas Houzé. Tourists from China, Taiwan and the [...]

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Who’s Next initiates a partnership with Citadium

The fashion and accessories show is partnering with Citadium to set up pop-up stores from January 2017. The idea: to create a synergy with the theme "Generation Z" chosen for the next edition of the Porte Of Versailles. Anxious to create more and more transversality on its trade shows, WSN Developpement announces new products for [...]

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Vogue Paris and Swarovski organised their first Fashion Festival

The framework chosen is the Hotel Potocki in Paris, a private residence of the 8th arrondissement belonging to the Polish family Potocki. Several actors from the fashion sphere will meet to discuss different themes related to the strategic, economic and creative stakes of fashion. Vogue journalists will host roundtables as well as different personalities. The [...]

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The stars of the male fashion bet more than ever on the Pitti Uomo

Next January, highlights of men's fashion are not expected to take place in Milan, London or Paris, but in Florence during the next edition of the Pitti Uomo. Founded in 1972, this biennial show, entirely devoted to men's fashion, is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and for the assumed elegance of its visitors. Its next [...]

The stars of the male fashion bet more than ever on the Pitti Uomo 2016-12-14T15:39:33+00:00

Next summer fashion

Globalization obliges, fashion is played more than ever frontiers by mixing at will the dress codes that they are folkloric, musical or religious, all against background of influences streetwear assumed. Concretely, it gives graphic djellabas carried on a combo sneakers / sports socks lifts, beach caftans cut in deffered keffiehs or ethnic jewels twisted in [...]

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How to wear sneakers to the office?

Go to the office with sneakers, why not? Wearing sneakers at the office no longer falls under the clothing prohibition. Croco, velvet or minimalist, sneakers proudly invite themselves in our dressing room next to our heeled shoes for a more comfortable life and a cooler drag. Fashion faux-pas to avoid when we wear sneakers in [...]

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